The middle

After civilization collapsed, some scientists remade Pangea and created two sides to the world. The dark and the light. And then there was the middle world where the dark and the light came together to form an alliance. An alliance that started back when there was a girl, Trinity.


6. Unexpected visit

We head down to our dorm and we’re surprised to have the door say Anime suite. Sydney pulls up a name of all the dorms in this hall.

“Guys, we’re on the anime floor!” Sydney screams with delight as our door slides open. Inside is basically one of the rooms from an anime that Liberty, Sydney and Justice watch all the time and they freak out. Not to mention that the room is huge and we all get a little room to ourselves. AND A BATHROOM. We all walk around the room and find a door with our name on it. I walk into mine. It’s EXACTLY like my room at home. I walk around and decide I like it. I walk out of my room and come out to see everyone looking up. There is a chandelier made of pure ice. But it wasn’t there before. Everyone is now looking at Melody’s bracelet which now has specs of white in it.

“I’m sorry!” she screams. “I just wanted to dress the room up and I was thinking of chandeliers and then ice shot out of my fingertips and…” her sentence cuts off as she begins to sob. I go over and hug her.

“Shh. It’s ok, right guys? It’s beautiful Melody,” I say trying to comfort her.

“You really think so?” She says, looking at me with red and tear stained eyes.

“I know so,” I say back.

Curfew was at nine so we were all asleep by ten. I woke up to an alarm going off on my bracelet and shut it off quick. There sleeping next to me is a cat with blondish red fur. Then suddenly Melody is laying there and the cat is gone. I look at her bracelet and see that it is now silver with specs of white. Unknown. My mind says and I realize that silver means that you can change into animals. Then I look down to see the cat form of Melody back and I relax. I look up people who have had a silver gem. None came up.

Suddenly a real alarm starts going off. I hear the door to the apartment slam open and then my door slams open which is bad because they’re guys and I sleep in my underwear. I pull the covers up high and grab onto Melody(still in cat form). She transforms into Melody and grabs onto me scared.

“Give us the girl,” The men say. “She is to be taken to find out what powers the silver gives.”

“I already know though!” I scream. “She can transform into an animal! Leave her be!” I am now crying and so is Melody. Then suddenly Melody is rising off the bed screaming and is put into handcuffs and dragged out.

“Trinity!” She screams.

Then someone hits me on the head and I black out.



I wake up with a start. Screaming loudly. I jump out of bed and run into her room. She’s gone. It wasn’t a dream… I think.

“It wasn’t a dream!” I scream and fall to the floor in hysterics.

“What’s going on!?”Sydney screams as she jumps out of bed.

“She’s gone,” I say in a whisper. “She’s gone because of me.”

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