The middle

After civilization collapsed, some scientists remade Pangea and created two sides to the world. The dark and the light. And then there was the middle world where the dark and the light came together to form an alliance. An alliance that started back when there was a girl, Trinity.


16. In, Out and Back Again... Gone

I wake up and can see the ceiling. White with little things poking off of it. I look up and see the tubes in my arm. Great. Just one more thing to make this worse. I think

Trinity! You’re up?! Sydney thinks.

Yeah where are you? I ask back.

I am up and I know where you are. Come out the door. I’ll meet you there, she says. I get up and tear out the tubes. An alarm goes off somewhere.

Why would an alarm go off if… I think and realize that wasn’t Sydney.


I get knocked out from the loss of blood.


When I get up the second time, there are people staring down at me. The only thing I get out is, “Melody.”

“She’s ok. She lived,” someone says. “Stay down. You need energy,” they say as I try to get up. My arms are tied down anyway. I make a ball of energy and it takes a picture. It goes to my brain and now I can see the whole room. Next to my bed in a roped off area is Faith. Next to her is Jewel and next to her is Emily. I don’t see Melody anywhere. I hit my head on the backboard and black out again.


When I wake up Jake is there. He is laying next to me on my left just like he was in the hospital so long ago. I move my hand and realize my wrists aren't tied down anymore. I stroke his hair until he wakes up.

“Morning,” he says with a smile.

“Hey,” I say back.

“Are you done knocking yourself out?” I hear Libby say from my right. I look over and realize that everyone is there. Woops, I think.

“Yeah. I think so.” I say with a smirk. “How long have I been out?”

“Three weeks,” Faith says. Wait Faith? I think.

“Everyone else recovered while you knocked yourself out 8 times,” Libby says sarcastically.

“Libby,” Justice and Sydney say with a annoyed face.

“Ugh,” Libby starts. “Get up.” I sit up and feel arms wrap around my waist. Suddenly I remember when someone tried to make me come into the hall.

“Guys,” I start. “There’s something I gotta tell you.”

“What?” seven of them ask.

“Ok so the first time I blacked out,” I barely get out.

“You mean the first time you pulled out your tubes?” Libby says snarkily. She gets looks from everyone. “Sorry. Continue.”

“The reason why I pulled the tubes out is because someone pretending to be Sydney was talking to me in my head and said she was ok. She said to meet her in the hall. When I got up, the alarm went off and I thought that couldn’t be Sydney. I think it was Harmony.” I conclude.

“Probably. I swear to the gods it wasn’t me Trin,” Sydney says in a pleading voice, begging me to believe her.

“I know. It was Harmony,” I say annoyed that she thought I wouldn’t believe her.

“But she isn’t even here!” Libby yells annoyed. “We are at a underground base that hasn’t been used in at least 15 years! I’m surprised anything works!”

“LIBBY!” Justice yells.

“Shut up will you!” Libby says really mad.

“...” Silence from everyone. Libby only says shut up when she is REALLY mad. I get up and push them out of my way.

“TRINITY!” Libby screams beckoning me to come back. I don’t listen. I run.

I get down the hall and when I reach the dead end, I’m prepared. I run up the wall and flip behind Libby, causing her to run into it. I turn to run back and see the others gaining. I smirk. I run up straight into Jake’s face and slide down underneath him through his legs and through everyone else’s too. I get to the end and run down the hall. I zap on some clothes and summon Malachi. I take out my hoverboard and zoom down the hall. I can hear the patter of footsteps running behind me so I hit the gas and zoom ahead. To catch them off guard, I turn a corner and run straight through a door and into another room. My eyes widen as I see the ship. It doesn’t look like a hovercraft, but like a spaceship. There are tubes lining the walls with creatures in them. I get off my hoverboard and start to look around. There are bear mutations, frog mutations, anything you could think of. Suddenly I come to a series of tubes that are all broken and they have been broken recently. I look at the place at the bottom of the tubes. Then I see one familiar. It reads “Snake mutation” in all caps. “Highly dangerous! DO NOT LET OUT!” It is broken and it’s in the middle of all of them.

Snake-man, I think.

“Guys!” I yell, tipping them off on where I went. “You need to see this!”

The first one to find me is Jake and of course he starts to look around. When everyone gets here, we all look to see where they could have gone. That’s when I hear the crack. The crack of a glass tube. I spin around to see a substance slither out of one of the tubes with the animals in it.

It turns into a mole man and it walks toward us and howls. I hit it with one arrow and it dies.

“Well now we know where they came from,” Justice comments.

We put in some smoky gases and leave as the creatures suffocate.

“We gotta get out of here,” I say and we start to head towards the out doors at the end of the hall. When the lights go out.

“You're not going anywhere.” A slithery voice says. A  ‘hand’ goes over my mouth. “Don’t scream or you and your friends die.” It whispers in my ear.

“Trinity?!” I hear Jake yell. It’s chaos in there and I hear glass breaking as the thing drags me into a room. The lights come back on in the hall and I wait in silence as I hear my friends.

“Where’s Trinity?” I hear Jake ask again.

“Crap!” Libby yells. “We already lost Melody and now her!”

That breaks me. I bite whatever covers my mouth and I hear it screech.

I yell at the top of my lungs.


The last thing I see as I am dragged out of the room is Libby and Jake turning the corner and the lighting bolt coming through the roof.

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