The middle

After civilization collapsed, some scientists remade Pangea and created two sides to the world. The dark and the light. And then there was the middle world where the dark and the light came together to form an alliance. An alliance that started back when there was a girl, Trinity.


11. A New Year

I wake up to bounding around the hall. I hop out of bed and look at the calendar. The 24th of December! I rush out the hall and jump on top of Justice and then Sydney takes us down. We are a heaping pile of laughter. Then out come Melody and Jewel and they suffocate us. Libby strolls out of her room and stares down at us wide eyed. Sydney looks up and Libby sticks her hand out. Of course Sydney pulls her down into the heap. And then we all get tased. We all get up and run to our rooms. I pull out the dress that they let us get when they took us to the “mall” (a secluded shopping center in the middle of nowhere). My dress is a purple with a little bit of white flowery lace and it comes down to right above my knees. I get out my purple pumps and walk out into the living room. There is everyone in their dresses. Of course we got to pick our dresses, just not the colors. In the past year we focused on our main power and are now only allowed to wear dresses of that color. The reason why we have dresses is for the two years ceremony. This will be our second year. Starting tomorrow. I look around the living room. My eyes fall on Faith who is wearing a light yellow, straight gown that comes down to her feet with yellow pumps and a yellow diamond necklace around her neck. Next to her is Jewel, who is wearing a emerald green dress that looks exactly like her sisters except for she had green pumps and a green diamond necklace. Libby walks in wearing a stunning bright orange sun dress with yellow flowers (an exception). She has on orange sandals with a yellow flower in the middle  (also exception).

Justice walks out with a grimace so hurtful she looks like she is dying. She is wearing a poofy dark green dress with light gold lace, dark green  heels, and a small dark green choker. Sydney and Melody come out at the same time. Sydney is wearing a sparkly short dark green dress, dark green pumps and a dark green locket (the one that Jack got her on her birthday). Melody is wearing a straight long silver dress with sparkles dazzling all over her, silver pumps, and the biggest silver bracelet I have ever see.

“Well then…” I say withholding a laugh.

“Don’t you dare!” Justice yells. We walk out the door (Justice tripping twice). I hit the down button on the elevator and wait for it to come up to our floor. Every one standing there in the blank white hallway makes us stand out. The door opens with a ping and we all manage to cram all of us into the elevator. That was the hardest part considering we had dresses on. We tumble out of the elevator and get pushed onto another elevator I don’t recognize on a floor I don’t recognize. And there’s Harley right in the whole middle of this mess in a black and red dress with a short rip up the side. I decide to ignore it. I wait for the elevator to go down and I brace myself for movement but not the movement that comes. We plummet sidewards. I hit the wall with a bang and get crushed by no other than Justice.

“I think my ribs just cracked,” I say with an annoyed tone as I push her off.

I get a smirk from Harmony and then I sit up straight like they taught us in the etiquette class. The elevator stops and this time it’s Sydney being crushed by Justice. But of course they laugh it off. We walk out into a light yellow painted hallway. We follow Harmony to these to double doors and she pushes them open with a slight motion. We walk into a HUGE auditorium. Then we sit down in the seats with our names on them in the front. Of course we’ve been told nothing so we are just sitting around for like 5 minutes when the headmistress comes on stage.

“It’s your second year kids!” She starts off. “Soon you will be going into the field and since you have been focusing on one power, we have decided to give you the next bracelet up. I will call you up and you will remove your old bracelet and set on the table next to me here.” She points to a small mahogany side table. “Then we will put on your new bracelet. You have been put into groups of how your top powers are. There are 5 bracelets. red, camo, blue, pink, and clear. The people that are studying fire, speed, or strength are going to get a red bracelet. The people studying invisibility, seeing emotions or reading minds will get the camo bracelet. The people studying healing or water will get the blue bracelet. The people studying seeing into the future will get the pink bracelet and the people studying ice or the unknown power will get the clear bracelet. There is a black and white bead on each bracelet which stands for the light and dark sides which we will be reuniting. Justice,” she calls her up. Justice takes off her bracelet and then is given a camo bracelet. Sydney gets a camo bracelet too. Libby gets a pink bracelet. Faith gets a red one. Melody gets clear and Jewel gets red. Andy gets red. Jack gets camo and Mike gets camo too. Then I get called up. I walk up and look down at my wrist. I love my bracelet, but I put it on the table anyway. She hands me a camo bracelet just like them but I look up and see a hint of light and the bracelet changes to blue. But I don’t study water or healing, I think. Then the screen changes to say that blue is for invisibility too. As I walk down the aisle back down to my seat, I have high hopes for the new year. Everyone goes and then we head back up to our room. I just about fall asleep when there is a huge bang and then an alarm goes off. I jump up and grab my clothes. I pull on my shoes, grab my bag full of supplies and head to the door. I look back and see my stuffed animal. I run back and shove it in my bag. I run out and everyone is there, staring at a random door that is opening in the room. I walk up and go in. As soon as I’m in, I see everyone else there. Then this girl hands me

a small pistol and a pack and they push me into a bed.

“Attention! We are under attack!” The headmistress yells.

“You will help defend our school after we can leave the safe block!” she barks.

“Wait!” I scream. “My friends aren’t here!”
They start to close the doors and I just get a glimpse of Sydney running down the hall. With Melody. I scream.

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