My Best Friend's Funeral

Hello. So it's Halloween, and I decided to write a very creepy story for this holiday.

So a girl's best friend mysteriously died, and now she has a funeral, the girl wants to say one last goodbye to her friend, but her friend isn't attending her own funeral.
Comment what you think will happen!��


2. Prologue(part 2)

I moved the wheat around, and looked behind me. Nothing. I kept looking behind me while walking forward. Of course, it was to late to turn back when I realized where I was. The cracked tombstones were engraved with old names. There was blood dripped on some on the stones, and it looked fresh, some of it, anyway. I then realized that there was a thick liquid on the dirt road. I gulped, but followed it. It led me to a field right beside the graveyard. I continued walking, then stopped by a tree to catch my breath. I was so out of shape from running the trail, that I was was bending over my knees breathing heavily. I must have imagined it, but I could've sworn that I saw a torn up shoe. I moved around the tree, and my fears were confirmed. I saw her course hair, and her bloodshot eyes, her torn clothing, and her bloody skin. There lay Ellie, my best friend.

(A/N: So... How's the story so far? Tell me how your enjoying it, and I'm sorry if I spelled anything wrong. Stay inside my dears!!!!💀)

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