The Tower of Dougan

Once upon a time there was a building called the "Tower of Dougan." The tower was curst really bad, but didn't nobody ever no about the tower. Until one day a family name the Thompson's moved there. They didn't realize the place were haunted like until a couple of days when one of there oldest child went into the bathroom to get in the shower to freshen up for a party. Then the boy was bathing, but finally he had gotten finished and happened to look in the mirror. The oldest boy saw words written on the mirror in blood, the exact words were " GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW OR YOU ALL WILL DIE." The boy were so scared that he ranned to get his parents Mr. and Ms. Thompson, but by the time the boy came back with his parents the writing was all gone, it was just a clean and clear mirror like nothing have never been written on there. Until the family heard a strange noise saying " GET OUT NOW OR YOU WILL DIE" and the pots flew everywhere the family were scared so they packed and left.


3. The Reason I Chose To Write This Book

I chose to write this book because it is telling people how most paranormal activities is and how people handle the activities. This is to let people know that before you try to go and get a house to always make sure that you check the house first before you try to move in it. I would advise you to check the house before moving in it to make sure it want have any weird and creepy things going on in there.

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