My Bad Boy

This story is about how a girl moves to a new school and does not want to be their or alive.She meets people but there is one special person that changes her life around or at least that is what she thought.Will he fall for her or leave her like the rest.The part you don't know is why she moved read to find out.


5. The looks and glares

When we arrived

When we got their everyone stared at us.They looked from Ashley to me from me back to Ashley up and down.I didn't want to start anything of course so me and her just walked to the office to get our lockers and schudules.When we arrived the princiaple was screaming at some boy that seemed to be paying no attention to her at all which made her furious and just told him to go.I quickly found out his name was Justin.He was so so so Handsome,fine,sexy,more words that I couldn't posible think of at the moment.Nevah,Nevah,NEVAH I heard someone streak.Sorry I said.As the boy left I just stared at him while he was leaving out of the door.

Justin's POV

As I walked out of Mrs.Sutton's office I saw this extremly Hot girl.She was looking at me like she was trying to figure me out but that would take more than just a look.So as I walked out she was still looking at me and so I shot her a wink.

Nevah's POV

While I was looking at him exit he shot me a wink,so I quickly turned around.I heard the principle say don't waste your time on him girls he's the biggest trouble maker at this school.My friend just giggled and I said I would never dream on it.Then just as I said that my friend nugded my arm and some hit the door with a loud thud making me jump a little.When we were finally done with the office thing we went to class she had all of my classes.I quickly noticed that at this school their were clicks.Their were popular group,geeks,nerd,wierdo,science freaks,matholics,and just were we fit in or that's what we were told at our last school THE DORK'S GROUP.I paniced as I rushed pash everyone and found the nearst bathroom.Ashley followed but I slammed the stall in her face before she was able to come in.What's wrong she yelled to me.It's just that we came to far and I don't want to go back to being called things.You know anywhere you go people will always talk about you and try to put you down she was trying to calm me down.Ik but I don't want to be called dork or geek weirdo's or be bullied for how I look and that I have glasses.It ok she told me noone will say that and plus you don't even wear glasses anymore.I heard a group of girls giggle through something over the stall and leave.Ashley quickly came out of the stall next to me and I heard her leave then come back.I don't know you they were or what they threw but don't worry about it she exclaimed.What ever lets just go.

We made it to our class and we had to say something about ourselves and of course I had to go first but I couldn't concentarte because Justin was sitting in the back trying to listen to every word that I was saying.I came from a place far from here.I am quadligal.My mother is a lawyer.Someone shouted from the side of the classroom your HAWT Girl.I saw Justin buck at whoever said that and they shut up and flinched.After me and Ashley gave a short presentation we went to sit down.I saw a group of girls keep turning around and looking at me.I brushed my hair to the side trying to hide my face.I was listening to music and the teacher gave a problem and people raised their hand.He picked the little H_E who's name was Chole she said she wanted to pass the question on to someone and her let her pick.Of course the little B_T_H picked me and passed me the chalk.She said Answer the question loser your not gonna get it right so I suggest you just give up now.I gave her a nasty look,then I looked to my best friend and she nodded to me and I quickly wrote the answer on the board like how they do in the movies.Then Chole shouted out loud WRONG,she came up and right beside mine she did the problem but truely hers was wrong so... I knew I had the better hand than that little stupid brat.She dropped the chalk on puporse and bent over to pick it up reviling everyone to see underneath her skirt in my head I just though yep what a h_e I heard phone camera's go off gasp and one of her minions say yes girl nice move and the lepaord print you are killing it .She tried handing me the chalk and I moved my hand away.We both sat down andthe teacher went over and said Actually you are wrong she is correct.He put a gigantic x on the top of her work and the chalk that she used he throughed it away and I just laughed.She grew anger and angerier but that didn't bother me one bit until she said ugly B_T_H.Justin just looked at her also gave her a nasty look.

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