My Bad Boy

This story is about how a girl moves to a new school and does not want to be their or alive.She meets people but there is one special person that changes her life around or at least that is what she thought.Will he fall for her or leave her like the rest.The part you don't know is why she moved read to find out.


4. First day of school

The next day

I woke up with a percing ring in my hear.It was my alarm clock that my mom had just bought me.You da_m clock I uttered.I know that I didn't set my alarm clock so that means my mother must have did it.I couldn't find the stupid button so I just riped the cord of the wall hoping to break either the clock,cord,or even if I was lucky enough mess up the electrican so we can go back home or at least move in with my bestfriend just like good times.She and her mom had lived with me a while after my dad died.They lived with me because her dad had cheated on her with her bestfriend and she not longer wanted to be married and either they had to share the house or someone can give it up so she gave it up in a heartbeat and a while later her mom met my mom and she had a new bestfriend.

Stop being so violent my mom told me.I'm just tired and this stupid thing woke me up.Why did it even wake up and why was this things set I asked her?First of all that stupid thing is called a clock,and 2nd you have school today come on get up.OK I tried to yell put couldn't from my sleepyness.I changed into my new designer outfit,and hurried downstairs.Here's your breakfest hurry up your gonna be late for your first day,and Ashley will be over any minute she told me.WOW my first day I said sarcasticly and rolled my eyes playfully.Your finally here I told Ashley and she came rushing in.Come on were gonna be late she said.O great you sound just like my mother.I heard that my mother yelled from the kitchen.I was panicing how do you epect me to get to school if we have this little time mothers I said sarcasticly again.I got this one my mother told Ashley(A.K.A my other mother).You really need to explore the house more.Yeah yeah I said.Go look in the garage of course Ashley beat me and she was screaming.I looked at my mother in fright did you put a bug like a SPIDER I asked her.Go check out your ride my mother told me.What is it a bicycle with two seats very funny I have to see this.I walked to the garage and saw the brand new mercedes that had just come out that I had dreamed of and knew I would never get,but it looks like I was wrong.Ashley was already inside trying to press every single button it was a convertibale mercendes.I also jumped in tried to put the car in reverse out of excitement.Then luckily my mom came and through the cars keys to me and told me to press the button for the GPS which obvislouly Ashley had already pressed and we were on our way to school.



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