My Bad Boy

This story is about how a girl moves to a new school and does not want to be their or alive.She meets people but there is one special person that changes her life around or at least that is what she thought.Will he fall for her or leave her like the rest.The part you don't know is why she moved read to find out.


1. All about me

About Me!!!

My nickname is Liyah but my real name is Allyiah.I am J'ai trieze ans(Which is 13 in french).I am in the 8th grade.I am in love with animals,and math.I like to sing,dance,choregraphy,do art,craft,and lots more.I have a younger sister who is 3.I live with my mom,my brother is in marine training at the moment.My brother is 18 years old.I have 3 sister on my dad side.I am trying to make this very short so I can start my story.If you have any questions about me or what I look like you can leave a comment,and the picture of me will be posted.

PS.Excuse me if I have any spelling errors,or incorrect grammer.Sometime the grammer is apart of the story put I will be sure to let you guys know in what stories that happens in.

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