The Rhee Brothers

When Cora heads to Venice, Italy on an exchange trip from NYC things don't go according to plan. The city on water has some deep dark secrets not even the locals know about.

She has been warned of strange disappearances happening in the city and to keep vigilant, but when Cora heads to a party on a separate island with her college friends, you can only get to via boat, she is thrown into the family of the Hunters. Seven dark mysterious brothers whom host alluring parties every weekend. However, they’re not your average twenty to twenty six year olds. They hold a big secret. One that is deadly.

These Hunters will ruin you…

There she meets Taehyung. An alluring brother who she can’t seem to get out of her head. He holds a secret that could ruin her trip. One night of meeting and now he can’t seem to let her go. He's haunting every part of her.

Sex, lies, and deception. Once you enter the Hunters house you never want to leave.....


4. Isle of the blessed

My room was incredible. Reds and golds filled it. A four poster bed with red drapes hanged off of each corner. I had my own bathroom and walk in closet. My window was huge. It looked over one of Venice’s many canals. And the best part was the room smelt like roses and not of the outside. After a quick shower I climbed into the soft bed and looked over at the alarm clock on one of two bed side tables. It read 11pm. For some reason I thought it was later. I texted my Mom quickly to say goodnight and that I would call her tomorrow, and before I knew it I was drifting off to sleep.

I could hear a faint knock at the door that awoke. There was no way it was morning my eyes felt glued shut. I finally opened them to look over at the clock that read 2am. I had been asleep for three hours, what the hell? There was another faint knock at my door. I sat up in bed as Nicole walked slowly in through the door.

She was fully dressed. Not in the outfit I met her in today. She had on a black lace dress with thigh high black boots. Her hair was pushed back into a pony tail and her lips were a bright red.

“Hey you awake?” she whispered.

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. 

“Not really what’s up? Why are you dressed?” I pointed at her dress. She came close and sat at the side of my bed and smiled.

“Do you remember what Calum said at the restaurant today? The speech he made?” She whispered. I stared at her in shock. Yep I’m dreaming. Its 2am, she’s fully dressed in something I wouldn’t dare wear myself, and wants to have a conversation about Calum’s speech. I’m missing New York already.

I signed and rubbed my eyes again. The only light in the room was the light from the digital alarm clock, and the light from the hallway outside through my door. 

“Yeah what about it?” I asked. A shutter from my window blew so hard it made a clanging sound that made myself and Nicole jump. I turned to look at her and her face had changed. She looked down at her entwined hands and then back at me.

“Do you want that? Adventure? Experience? Fun?” she asked. She smirked.  There was something sinister there. I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“ I guess..... I guess I do” I said and pulled the blankets closer around me. What was she getting at?

“Venice isn’t full of experiences and fun. This place is full of old people, honeymooners and tourists. But there is somewhere, somewhere only so many people know about. Somewhere where things are different. where there is fun to be had" She whispered. 






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