Jill is a monster. It's what everyone has told her, up until her parents gave her up to a mental institute. Jack is her brother. He went up the hill, but he never came down.

And now Jill is loose, and no one can do anything about it.


3. Humpty Dumpty

So there came a time when Jill was wandering. She wandered into oblivion and back. Mostly she was looking for Jack. She walked until her toes were bloodied and her legs were on fire. Jill didn’t care. She liked the pain. She walked and walked until the frustration had finished eating its way through her skull. Weakened by hunger, she ate the dirt, with its nutrients minerals. Mm-hm. It was good, she thought.


After the lake, she first climbed over the fence and into the woods. There was more dirt there. More food. She drank her own saliva and wandered, forever stumbling. Forever walking.


But then she came across a stout, brick wall. It was the crimson color of blood, and Jill needed some rest. She sat down and thought.


Humpty Dumtpy sat on a wall.

Jill laughed, falling off the wall and screaming. The laugh was antagonizing. It was painful, even. She became a tangle of arms and legs, laughing. She hated her laugh. Oh, she hated it.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

A boy walked by and asked if she needed help. He looked like Jack, but Jack was dead. She grabbed his ankles letting out a high-pitched scream. Her brown hair was in knots, and her eyes, startling blue. The boy was petrified by her eyes.

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men.

"Where is Jack?" She began. "Did I really kill him?"

The boy smiled. “No,” he said. He held out a hand and she grabbed it, pulling herself up. It was then when she noticed the differences between him and Jack. For instance, Jack’s hair was a lighter brown. This boy had warm, golden eyes, like bread. “My name is Jack.”

“But you said I didn’t kill you.” Jill answered.

“No,” he said. “I climbed a beanstalk.”

Suddenly, Jill tackled him to the ground. She screamed in his face. She was telling him that he wasn’t Jack. That Jack had died.

Couldn’t put Humtpy together again.

The boy couldn’t of been real. Jill laughed more. Her mind was silly. Really silly. Oh… she was hungry. She was laughing when she fell asleep for the last time.

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