Stacy // Luke Hemmings

" I Heard you've been trying to find a place in this world "


1. chapter 1

Colorful hair , a grunge look and a not a so seen taste of music is the definition of Stacy Walner . She's the kind of girl that you could recognize in the most crowded crowds .

While walking through my new school , with my usual black boots and ripped black skinny jeans , my now blue hair was a mess . Weird looks were given to me generously by the high school's students , I noticed that well dressed girls with faces full of make up were everywhere in here , and I immediately thought that I will never find my place in her . I was trying to find someone with the same style as me but this was a total failure , It's like searching a carrot in the sea , no one with this description existed in Brodlee high .

I looked down back to the paper that the administration gave me and walk through the hallway to find "room 21" , where my first day in this school will begin , and after a long 5 minutes I finally found it .

There wasn't much students in the classroom so I could choose where ever I wants to sit , naturally I walked to the back of the classroom and sat at the last two seats .

Not a person who entered this room didn't give me a weird look or stare at me for long minutes and I was sick and tired of the same reactions every few seconds .

The class started and the looks began disappearing slowly , 5 minutes through the French class and a girl with a cold expression and purple hair came into the room and casually walked the classroom as if she owned it . She normally sat next to me and her eyes met my Black Veil Brides shirt and mine met her My Chemical Romance shirt and we naturally smiled to each others .

" I love your shirt "

" I love yours too . "

My first human contact was broke by the professor , and I was kind of mad at him for breaking it .

" Mrs Wood can I get your attention please ."

She roold her eyes and nods at him .

"Evelyn Wood"

"Stacy Walner "

I felt happy that I finally found someone with the same interest as me , she was playing with her purple hair while listening to the teacher . The looks had completely disappeared and everyone was minding there own business now , I felt more comfortable in this situation .

After that the class finished I took my stuff and walked out of this room and after a few seconds I was joined by Evelyn , I honestly didn't though that she'll talk to me after that little contact that we had an hour ago , and naturally a little smile was drown in my face .

She touched my hair and said :

"Damn, I love your hair color"

"I actually used two colors to get that effect"

"You should diy my hair sometimes"

I smiled genuinely and said yes . I noticed that she had a nose ring and I was kind of jealous of it , my parents will certainly kill me if I ever get one .

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