My Halloween

I'm Joseph Cambridge. I move about every two years. I'm about to start school again after my latest move. Today is October 1st. I've never really enjoyed holidays like normal people. I never have friends to celebrate with and I have a weird sense of a lot of things in life, so they might not understand me anyway. I'll see you again soon.


2. October 2nd 2016

October 2nd 2016


I see a paper

Flying away in the wind

But instead of letting go

My thoughts begin to taper

And focus on the dimly

Lit piece of paper

Flying in the night

And think of why, perhaps

It had come to take flight

It could just be

A paper simple

But instead

I think more

Than most people

And delve into the thought

Of what it really means

Who wrote on this paper

Taken to the air

Who took the time

Who had chosen to care

And what had they written

When and how

And even though

It’s flying now

Flying away

No author to name

And still it wanders

It’s message

It’s pain

It still wanders




But still I sit here

All on my own

As I ponder the origin

Of this paper unknown

I’ll now tell you why

I mention the paper

For why would I care

About a small piece, a letter

Because maybe the whole word

It was written to make

Would one day change someone

Instead they would take

More time to live

And then you would see

That this little piece of paper

Is not quite what it seems.


    I wake up but I don’t open my eyes. I can feel that I’m still in the sleeping bag, I didn’t roll out of it or sleepwalk last night. I listen to my breathing, the sound is reflected back at me from the fabric walls of the bag. I have to get ready for school, but I don’t want to. It’s just gonna be another school with teachers that pretend that they care and students that tell you they don’t. I open up my eyes and I see the light filtering through the orange sleeping bag. I stretch and push the flap away from my face, instinctively raising my hand to shield my eyes from the light. There’s no light though. My Ipod is laying on top of my sleeping bag, It’s just 3:52. I fish my earbud out from under me and plug them in. ¨There’s miles of land in front of us, and we’re dying with every step we take, we’re dying with every breath we make...¨ I close my eyes again but I can’t go to sleep. My mind wanders and I start to think of other schools I used to go to. There was the one in Colorado. The one in Virginia. I remember the one in Utah too, with Jacob. My eyes open. There’s no way I’m going back to sleep. I sit up and throw the sleeping bag off. ¨And again the voice inside my head, says follow me instead...¨ All my stuff’s packed already. I have a few notebooks and some pencils in my old bookbag. I walk to the big window at the back of my room and look out into the world. The stars I can see through the trees are still bright. The canopy of the forest blocks out some still, so I can’t see any constellations. I put my hand on my window, the cold glass fogging up where I place my fingers. I lean into the glass a little, trying to see past the edges. The glass moves and I fall forward an inch. I stumble back and sit down. I stand back up, though, and look at the window frame. The glass had slid to the side and out a little, but the frame wasn’t broken. I looked at the frame, it really didn’t seem like there was anything wrong with it. My eyes catch on something and I lean in, this time stabilizing myself on a wall. There was a wedge shape in side of the frame. I run my hand across the glass and to the other side of the window and push on the frame. The glass angles back and locks into the window frame. Cool.




I pick up my backpack and sling it over my shoulder. I pull my hood out from under the strap and put in my earbuds. I walk down the street, the morning air chilling my ears and fingertips. I reach an intersection and look back and forth, some fog obscuring my view.

    ¨It’s this way!¨ A voice called out from the fog and I see a girl walk down the street. She comes right up to me and holds out her hand, ¨My name’s Molly.¨

    I shuffle my stuff into one arm and shake her hand timidly, ¨I’m Joseph.¨

    ¨It’s this way to the bus stop, come on!¨ She starts to walk away and I follow her into the mist.

¨You just moved in right?¨

    ¨Yeah, how did you know?¨

    ¨The for sale sign is gone on the house over there, you’re super tired, and you almost turned on a trail because you thought it was a road.¨

    ¨Oh, yeah, I guess.¨ I smile, ¨And let me guess, you live right next to me and were just hiding on the trail waiting for me to get lost.¨

    ¨No, I live further down the street, and you’re just really lucky.¨

    If only. ¨So, Molly, what school do I go to, do you think? I don’t really know much about here yet.¨

    ¨We go to Jordan High School.¨

    ¨Do I want to know what it’s like there?¨


    Oh joy.




    Molly and I reached the bus stop a few minutes later, she had been talking ever since we started walking down the street.

    ¨You know, I could show you around the woods sometime if you want.¨

    Yeah right, going into the woods with a total stranger. ¨Sure, maybe friday.¨ You’re a complete and total idiot.

    ¨Oh my gosh! It’s gonna be so fun! I can’t wait to show you... wait, what’s that?¨

    I look around and see a guy standing in the fog. Hello? Dude what the heck are you doing randomly standing in the fog at like, six in the morning?

    He walks away, I see him cross the road and disappear into the mist.

    ¨Sorry about that, he comes here every once in awhile.¨ She kicks some dirt and then looks back up at me, ¨Is this your first year of highschool?¨

    ¨Yeah, what abou...¨

    ¨Yup, same here.¨ She looks around, she seems really nervous.

    ¨Are you okay?¨

    ¨Yeah, sorry. I just got spooked by that guy again I guess.¨


    The bus pulls up slowly through the fog.

    ¨You first.¨ She instantly nudges me forward. I walk onto the bus and look over the seats as I climb the small staircase at the front. It’s empty except for one creepy guy at the front, blasting rap music and staring out the window. I walk all the way to the back and look behind me to see where Molly wanted to sit. She gestures for me to sit in the two person back seat.

    ¨Hurry up kid!¨ The bus driver waves at me through the mirror and I sit down.

    ¨So, how long have you lived here?¨

    ¨All my life.¨ She brushes her hair back from her face and looks down at the floor.

    ¨Lucky.¨ I look down at the floor too.

    ¨No! Not lucky! I hate this place, all my friends always move away and then I’m just stuck here, sitting in the woods all on my own!¨


    ¨I’m sorry.¨ I actually have to put my hand on my face to keep myself from crying, I don’t even fully comprehend why.

    ¨No, I’m sorry.. Can I sit with you?¨

What. Is it just me? Or is that super weird.

¨Sure.¨ I put my backpack on the floor and she moves into my seat. She puts her arm through mine and leans against me, her head laying on my shoulder.

Hold on, she doesn’t even know me, why is she freaking cuddling with me?

Hey stupid, she has problems, chill with it for now.

Just be nice, she trusts you I guess. Yeah, just get to know her and it’ll be less weird.

I put my arm around her shoulders.

¨Are you sure you’re okay?¨





We make it to school without any other problems, but I did feel really awkward just sitting there with her just holding on to me. Even the bus driver was worried. He asked if I was okay when I got off the bus and I nearly laughed.

¨Yeah, I’m fine, thanks.¨

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