Little alpha

Jack is the soon to be alpha in the silver blood pack. It's the next powerful pack after the golden blood pack. Jack is seventeen and eigthteen i two weeks, where he will be able to find his mate. But Jack isn't the alpha type. He is very small and is offen called cute. He isn't bullied though. It pisses him off, that he is small. He might not look alpha material, but he has the heart and guts of an alpha.

Mick i the soon to be alpha of the gulden blood pack, and is just transfering to Jacks school. Mick finds the little alpha amusing and extremely cute. If you were to describe Mick, you would say he is an true alpha, with exstremely good looks and he knows it. Mick is looking for his mate, and doesn't care who that is. He is determined to find this mate and care for it, no matter the cost, and he is going to be tested on that.


4. Chapter 4; The truth coming out

Jacks pov

When I wake up again, the sun stood lower then when I went to bed. But it wasn't a sunset. It was a sunrise.

Wait… When the hell, did I go to bed?!

I sprung out of bed, and ran down the stairs to the kitchen. My mom and dad was the only one in there. The others must be at school and work. That means I fucking almost slept a hole god damn day!

"What happened? How long was I asleep? And why does my head hurt so much?"

Their head snapped up in the direction of me. They both rushed to me and crushed me in a bone crushing hug. They started rambling about, how nerves they were for me sleeping so much, not wanting any sweets and my suddenly change of behavior. They didn't even answer any of my! Okay, okay. Take a deep breath. There is no need for swearwords now. They are just concerned.

"Mom, answer my questions. I want answers, and I want them now."

"It's good to see you are back to your normal self. And as for your questions, you have been asleep for about 18 hours. You passed out while you were having an visitor, and that is probably why your head hurts."

"Wait. What visitor?"

If she says Mick, so am I going crazy. That would mean my dream wasn't a dream. He is going to torment me even more. Oh fucking crap… He is going to fucking ruin my god damn reputation! On one can know he dominated me. I am a fucking alpha, I am the one who dominate.

"He told us he was a friend from school. All though, he was also the one who visited the other day with his father. He said something about finding his mate in our pack."

Fucking holy crap.

"Mick… He is dead, when I get my hands on him."

I stormed out of the kitchen and up to my room. I found his number on my nightstand, dialed his number and waited. My parents came in my room, just as he picked up.

"This is alpha Mick. This better be important."

"Mick, you idiotic douche jock, slutty ass nazi, creepy dick head!"

"Hallo to you too cutie. What can I do for you?"

 "Get you lousy ass over to my house this fucking instant! You have a whole lot of shit to explain. You have 5 minutes to get here, or I swear to all that is holy, I am going to chop off all you limbs, burn them and bury them in your own fucking shit!"

"Well I'll see you soon then Jacky."

Oh he is in for some shit.

"Jack, what are you doing? You are not well enough to be fussing this much. Call who ever that was back, and-"

"No! I am not going to cancel this. The one I called is Mick. He is the new student in my school, who has been a real pain the neck ever since he came. A pain in my neck. What he did yesterday was unforgivable. He has to pay. I deserve an explanation. He stole my fucking first kiss, while I was sick! He fucking bit me! If he found his mate, then what are he doing messing with me?"

The expression on my parents face was of pure shock, but I didn't care. The doorbell rang, and I didn't waste a second opening the door and punching Mick in the face.

"JACK! What do you think you are doing?!"my mother screamed from the door.

"He deserved it! Stay out of this!"

She took a step forward, but my dad took a hold of hers shoulder, shaking his head.

I turned back to Mick, and he was already on his legs holding his jaw.

"I must say, I didn't see that one coming. But, I guess I deserved it. So, what do you want to know?"

The nerves of this prick.

"I want to know, what the fuck you are doing?! I told you to stay away! But did you listen? No! I was told you found you mate, but why the fuck are you messing with me?! You should be with him or her! You stole my first kiss, you bit me! What is that suppose to mean?!"

Mick started laughing, shaking his head.

"You really are dens, aren't you. I am not messing with someone I shouldn't. I am flattered and happy I stole your first kiss. But I can't stay away from you. That is simple impossible. And for the bit, you should know what a bite on the neck means."

Of course I know what a bite like that means. It's a… I look at him with shock on my face. It can't be true. No, it's impossible. I am an alpha, I should not. He began walking closer. A smirk on his face. When we are face to face, he starts leaning in to my ear, and whispers

"You finally figured it out, didn’t' you?"

We are now again face to face, noses almost touching.

"You are my mate, Jack."

And then he kisses my again. In front  of my parents. I can hear the gasp.



Hey lovies. Another chapter for you. I just want to thank you all, especially Mrs.DeanWinchester. thank you for your lovely comments. Your wish is now fulfilled. See you in next chapter.


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