She was fearless, and crazier than him. She was his queen, and god help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen. We tripped off of the need to feel alive, and stayed high together.
"You're a phsycopath"
"I prefer creative"


9. Chapter 9

unknown pov

I wake up to a loud sound piercing through the air. Something cover my mouth and I start to freak out until I realize its Aiden. He presses his lips to my ear and whisper very quietly, "Silencer Gunshot."

We stay still until an arrow hits the tree across from us. We scramble to our feet and get behind the tree we were asleep on. "Do you have a gun on you?," He mouths. I shake my head and he peeks from behind the tree. Another screeching gunshot goes through the air. "Run that way," He points ahead. 

He count to three on his fingers and we bolt in that direction. We get back to the freeway we came from. Breathing heavily I ask "Who the fuck was that?."

He shrugs his shoulders. "Bounty hunters maybe."

"Now what?." 

" want some coffee?," He say pointing to the sign above us that reads 'dunkin' donuts, McDonalds,and burger king next exit. 

I nod and we walk hand in hand to the exit.

While we wait for our coffee to be made, i sit with my head in my hands from exhaustion

"Here alii," Aiden sets my drink in front of me. "What did you just call me?," I raise my eyebrow at him. "It's princess in hawiian."

"Why do you call me that?."

"I was never given your name," He says ," When will you tell me?."

"When I figure it out," I mumble. He sighs and turns to the tv.

"Local night club shootout last night in Tennessee. A man was shot and killed in the bar then the couple retreated in the back exit. We identified the woman as Arabella Stella a girl from a small town in Virginia. We have her father here for an interview."

I choke on my drink and look at the tv.

My father shows up with red eyes and puffy cheeks. "*sniffle* she ran away from home a few weeks ago-o and- I I just want her back*sobs*."

"You-," Aiden starts. I bang my head on the table.

"Don't," I say muffled my the table.

"How did they find out?!?," Aiden whisper shouts.

I lift my head from the table "I don't know I- MY WALLET! I left my purse that had my Virginia ID in it!!." 

He sighs and shakes his head. "We better get out of here."

"And go where?."

"Sin city."



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