She was fearless, and crazier than him. She was his queen, and god help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen. We tripped off of the need to feel alive, and stayed high together.
"You're a phsycopath"
"I prefer creative"


8. Chapter 8

"yeah hes lying to you sweetheart. Thats why we need your help."

"What can I do?," I ask faking innocence.

"Well you see...," The waiter hands him a tall drink accidentally spilling it on the sleeve of his shirt. "Tony" sends him a hard glare and the bar tender mumbles a quick sorry handing him a bunch of napkins. He rolls up his sleeve and starts wiping the liquid from himself.

As he throws the napkins on the bar in front of us I notice smudged black on it. I look back at his arm and see the smear of what used to be the tattoo that Aiden has. I sneakily grab the shot glass to my opposite side and clutch it tight in my hand.

"So what I was saying was he-," I smash the glass into the side of his head. He falls off of the bar stool and onto the dirty ass floor.

"Fuck," He says touching his head. When he draws back and sees the blood on his hand he looks up and sneers ," You little shit!."

Before I could climb off of the bar stool due to my unfortunately incredible shortness, he stands up and draws a gun from his waistband. Gasps are heard from all around us and people frantically try and exit the club at the same time.

I know I have no options now, its either try and tackle him but before I could potentially get him to the ground he would have time to shoot, or I run like hell but he'll still be able to shoot. So instead I take in a deep breath, trusting my instincts, and shut my eyes tight preparing for the horrible pain that is about to consume me.

I hear a loud bang and stay still waiting for the impact. When it doesn't come I crack one eye open and see Aiden with a gun that is smoking slightly. He shot "Tony". 

When Aiden snaps out of shock he runs over to me and grabs me by my arm pulling me to the back exit. When we burst through, a loud annoying alarm goes off and a gust of cold wind consumes me. I hear a siren going off in the distance but Aiden continues running in the opposite direction tugging me behind him.

We run for what seems like millennia before we go off by a highway. We take a sudden left into a large forest. We slow down a little but still walk very rapidly until he thinks we are far enough. He leans against a tree and gasps for air while I literally fall to the ground due the the burning sensation in my not so long legs.

When the air quiets down of our heavy breathing I look up at the stars. So....majestic. I find the big and little dipper, the north star, the blacked outline of the rest or the crescent moon, and watch the glowing stars twinkle.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt? What the hell happened in there?," Aiden asks finally.

"There was this...guy. He said you were lying to me and that...your name is Dylon. He showed me the tattoo of that symbol you have on your left arm, but it rubbed of a little, so I grabbed the closets thing near me, a shot glass, and rammed it into his head. He was armed. I wasn't prepared. Also, I'm fine."

I sat down still leaning against the tree. A large caterpillar crawls down his forehead and I giggle.

"What?," He asks.

I don't say anything and crawl in front of him slowly peeling of worm-like bug from his forehead. When I set it down on the ground and he sees what it was he literally shrieks. I burst out laughing at his childish reaction to a potential butterfly.

I over dramatically keep laughing while pointing at him just to annoy him.

"Are you done yet?," He asks. I pause and hold up a finger ,"One sec," I say and continue to laugh at his priceless reaction.

A branch crunches near by and Aiden pulls me into his chest covering my mouth. We sit in silence waiting for the presence to show. A small raccoon scurries across the forest and I relax in to his chest. Realizing our position I quickly sit up but am stopped when I feel a gentle hand on my arm.

"Wait! um...i-i mean," He stutters out.

I lean back into him and press my finger to his lips. "Just shut up Hunter."

I almost enter the world of darkness when I hear him whisper,"Its crazy I know, but If something were to happen to you, I could never forgive myself," He says to himself thinking i'm asleep. His words repeat over and over again like a broken record player  before I fall into dreamland. 



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