She was fearless, and crazier than him. She was his queen, and god help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen. We tripped off of the need to feel alive, and stayed high together.
"You're a phsycopath"
"I prefer creative"


2. Chapter 2

unknown pov

I wake up to my 'father' screaming at me for no reason as always.

"Get up you little bitch!!," I yells from downstairs. I huff and roll myself out of bed.

As I am getting dressed all I can think about is Aiden from last night. I shouldnt go with him, i dont even know him.

I put on a salmon colored crop top and hight waisted shorts. I put on my red flannel and my donut snapback on backwards. I quickly put on my black vans and trudge down stairs.

"Come here little girl," my intoxicated dad says. I sigh and walk over to him. "Where were you last night?," he shouts at me.

"I was out," I state the obvious. 

"DIDNT I TELL YOU TO BE HOME BY 9?!?," He shouts. I dont say anything. I feel a sharp pain on my cheek as i fall to the ground. He just slapped me.

He picks me up by my shirt. ,"Go to your room and do not come down. No food for you today."

I walk to my room, or shall i say attick, and flop onto my bed.

Maybe I should run away. Maybe i should go with Aiden. I get up and throw all of my clothes, snapbacks, beanies, shoes, and makeup into a large duffel bag.

I look under my bed for the stack of cash that i have been saving for a time like this. I throw that in their as well and wait for 10 o'clock to come around.


It is now 9:45. I grab my bag and attempt to sneak down stairs. As soon as I reach the door i hear ,"Where do you think your going?."

I dont hesitate to run out the door as fast as i can. I hop over my bushes and cross many streets but I can still hear him on my trail.

Finally I turn into the skate park and I think I lost him.

As i near the ramp where Aiden and I met i can see his figure leaning against the wall.

"I was starting to think you wouldnt show," he says sounding shocked.

"Yeah well i did. Now whats the plan?."

"Whoa what happend to your cheek?," he asks completely ignoring my question.

"Dont worry about it.," I slap his hand away.

"Anyways...we are going to California. If you can promise to stick with me, I can promise to keep you safe and get you there," he says as he hold out his pinkie.

"What if i you break your promise?,." 

"I can't. A promise is an unbreakable commitment."

I hesitate to take his hand. "THERE YOU ARE YOU LITTLE BITCH?!?," I hear. I turn around and see my father running towards me.

I take Aidens pinkie. "I promise now lets GO!."

I follow him out of the park and we keep running until we get to a 7/11 about 1/2 a mile away.

"Who the fuck was that!?! he asks.

"My father," I mumble.

"He did this to you didnt he?,"  He asks touching my cheek. I look up and we stare into eachothers eyes. And then it hits me about what im doing right now. I cant fall in love, not again atleast.

I back away from his hand and walk into the 7/11. I start getting mutiple snack, sandwhiches, and drinks for our little 'trip'.

He catches onto what im doing and copies my actions. We make mutiple trips to the coumter and whsn we have enough we walk up ready to pay.

The old casheir gives us a funny look and starts checking is out.

"Your total is $55.60," he says in a monotone voice.

I go into my bag and unroll the stack of hunderds that I have and hand him one. Aiden gives me a confused look and I just shrug my shoulders.

The guy hands us our mutiple bags and we walk outside.

"So, what are we doing?," I ask.

"Tonight we are staying in a hotel. Tomorrow we start moving."

We start walking towards the downtown area. We walk for about 15 minutes in silence until we stop at a Holdiday inn.

We walk in and see the manager standing at the front desk.

"One room please," Aiden speaks up.

The dude doesnt say anything. He is zoned out staring at my chest. Perv....

Aiden notices this and wraps his arm arpund my waist. "One. Room. Please," He says very sternly.

The dude types something into his computer. 

"Name please," he says.

"Aiden Hunter," he says pulling out his walet. He takes out his I.D and his credit card and places it onto the counter. As he puts his wallet away I notice multiple 100 dollar bills. 

What does he do for a living?

We get checked into the room amd head into the elevater. We walk into our hotel room and see one king sized bed. We lay onto the bed and I take out my cigarette and light one. I take a drag and blow it out.

"You smoke?" Aiden asks.

"No," I reply sarcastically.

"Why?" he questions. Damn this boy asks a lot of questions.

I roll over onto my stomach so that I am facing him.

"Some people want to die sooner than others."

"Do you smoke?," I ask.

"Sorta," he says turning on the tv.

"Sorta? what fo you mean? Its a yes or no question."

He sighs and digs a pack of Camels out of his pocket. He opens it and I see that three are missing.

"You see, When i smoked my first cigarette i made a promise fo myself that I would not buy a nother pack after i run out of this one. I only smoke when I need it."

I nod in approval. I turn around and close my eyes not willing to change my clothes.

"Goodnight Aiden," I yawn out.

"Goodnight princess."

Why do i trust this guy so much? I only met him yesterday hut i feel lile ive known him for years. I sigh and enter the world of dreaming.




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