She was fearless, and crazier than him. She was his queen, and god help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen. We tripped off of the need to feel alive, and stayed high together.
"You're a phsycopath"
"I prefer creative"


10. Chapter 10

Arabella's pov

"Wait, so we have no clothes, no weapons, are being hunted down in pretty much every state in the US, and half of our money is still at the hotel which by the way we can't go back to now because the police are probably awaiting our arrival or gathering DNA which they probably already have, and you expect us to just go to Las Vegas Nevada one of the busiest places that is probably crawling with police ready to arrest us," I ramble as I follow Aiden to lord knows where.

"Look, I know it sounds crazy but I have this whole thing covered. Las Vegas is surrounded by people which means the chances of a cop coming up to us and being like 'Oh wait stop, I need a sample of your DNA to see if you match to any of the many wanted people who are pending their arrest,' is like 1 in a trillion," He says walking backwards to face me.

We walk in the middle of a not-so-busy road for a while until I hear a beeping noise. Me being my paranoid self, I start freaking out and looking for a non-existent bomb that could be around us. Aiden digs his phone out of his back pocket and glaces at me out of the corner of his eye with that 'really? Chill out' look before swiping the green button.

"Hello," He says holding the phone to his ear.

I watch his facial expression go from annoyed to an odd smirk. He holds his phone out and presses the speaker phone button.

"DUDE!! your everywhere, On the news, in newspapers, even Ellen was talking about you and that Arabella chick your with. Are you on your way here?," a male voice rings from hi phone.

"Yeah we are coming," Aiden says.

"'we?' As in you and the girl? Are you two a thing? I mean props to you bro from what i've seen she's pretty smokin-," Aiden cuts him off.

"Yeah yeah yeah I got to go," He says pressing the end button.

I stifle my laugh as Aiden looks away with a slight blush creeping on his face. "That was Anthony, he's a hacker for the ma-," He cuts himself off. "For the gang."

"Oh," I say.

He's hiding something...I can just tell.

We stop 10 minutes later at walmart.

"Why are we here?," I ask.

He doesn't answer me and just walk in. I of course follow behind him like a lost puppy.

The store is pretty much empty except for some of the workers and maybe 2 or 3 customers. Aiden leads us to where the hair dye shit is and starts looking.

"Would I make a good blonde," Aiden asks holding up a box of hair bleach.

"I mean we would be pretty close to the beach, just start saying things like 'Totally rad bro,' and you could pull of one hot of those surfer dude," I say winking at him.

He rolls his eyes and put it back.

"Your still going to need that no matter what color you get," I say ,"You need to bleach your hair before you can dye it because your hair is so dark."

He nods picking it back up along with a box of brown hair dye. 

"Green or blue?," I ask showing him the options that I chose. He looks at both of the boxes before saying "Blue, makes you look more innocent."

I roll my eyes and put the green box in the little hand held cart thingy. We both get eye colored contacts. I get light blueish grayish color and he gets green. We pay for it and then go into the 'family restroom', lock the door and put the contact in.


I bleach and dye his hair and then dye mine. We were in that bathroom for about an hour and a half before we finished.

I turn to look at Aiden and my heart literally stops.

"You look hot," I admit. He chuckles scratching the back of his neck.

"Thanks, you a completely different person," He smiles at me.

"Thanks thats kinda what i was going for," I say sarcastically.

We finally walk out of the walmart and walk hand in hand inro the middle of literally no where. We stop where we get to train tracks and we walk west on them.

Suddenly I hear a deep rumble and the tracks start to vibrate. We move out of the way and a distant train heads our way.

"This was your plan?!?," I say.

"Yup, Nevada freight train. First stop, Las Vegas."

The train nears and the loud noise scares me a little.

Aiden presses his lips to my ear and say "On the count of 3 jump!."

"Are you CRAZY?!?," I screech. 

The first train car passes us "1!," Aiden shouts rapping his arms arms around my waist. "2!," We starts running in the same direction the train is going. "3!!!!," He shouts. I bend me legs and press as hard as I can into the ground while Aiden literally throwns me into the train cart before heaving himself sideways rolling in after me.

We catch our breath for a while and he looks at me.

"That was fucking amazing," I say with a grin. He smiles back and pecks my forehead. 


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