She was fearless, and crazier than him. She was his queen, and god help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen. We tripped off of the need to feel alive, and stayed high together.
"You're a phsycopath"
"I prefer creative"


1. Chapter 1

unknown pov

Its around 10 o'clock at night. I walk down the street with my duffel bag full of spray cans and other supplies i might need. I turn into an old abandoned skate park. New artwork is plastered on the ramps. Strange, it wasn't there before. 

I get out my cans and line them up. First I spray in big black letters 'DONT LET THEM OUT' Then i get out my paint and draw a girl sitting down sit her hair covering her face. Under that I write 'DEMONS' In big red letters.

"Damn your pretty good," I hear someone say.

I spin around and see a boy around my age. He has a cool sleeve like mine. He has small gauges and his black hair is coverd by his snapback that reads 'DOPE'. He pretty hot.

"How long have you been there?," I question. "The whole time," he sruggs. "so..what brings a pretty girl like you here?," I asks leaning against the ramp i am currently working on.

"Escape," I mutter.

"May I ask from what?," he asks.

"Society. Its just a fucked up place that doesnt accept how I feel," I say truthfully.

"I agree. I know how you feel."

"You don't even know me. Who are you?," I ask. "The names Aiden. What's your name?."

"I havent decided yet," I say finishing my tag.

"Then what shall I call you," he raises an eyebrow. I shrugg my shoulders.

"Why don't you know your name?," He asks. I take a deep breath because he is pissing me off.

"Look 'Aiden' I dont know who you are so why are you even here? I told you already, I am here for escape. To escape from people like you. I dont even know who I am anymore. Im trying to move on. Find a new adventure, a new me. So would you stop asking questions and leave?."

"Damn Princess I just wanna know your name. And what makes you think we are so different? Who says im not trying to escape to?," he says. I just shrugg my shoulder while putting my supplies away.

"Exactly. Now I say we runway and find OUR adventure," he says putting his hat on backwards.

"And why exactly should I trust you? A stranger I just met," I snap at him.

"Hey Im jyst trying to help. If you want to 'escape' run away with me. We can find us together. Just meet me here tomorrow at the same time," he says walking away.

I start my journey on my way 'home'. As i walk I light my cigarette and breath in the chemicals.

Should I trust him? No. But i do need some adventure. Mayne ill concider it.


A/N Hey guys!!! So in this every chapter of this story there will be a reference from a song ot book. If you can spot it, comment what it is.

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