The Diary of a Fan

The Diary of a Fangirl; you'll get it in the intro. :)


1. Introduction

This is a warning, incase you haven't noticed.

My name is Emma. Emma Sorenson. I'm a fan...a fangirl. I'm a massive fan of a lot of things. May I list them?

5 Seconds of Summer


Harry Potter

One Direction

Green Day

My Chemical Romance

The 1975

Panic! At The Disco

Fall Out Boy


... (More)

Those are just the biggies. I have more. MUCH MORE. And like I said, this is a WARNING. This book/journal is full of extreme fangirling, maybe some depression thoughts, and ALWAYS some random crap that if the boys (any boys) saw this, I'd die.


Now, as I've warned you, welcome to my life.

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