Your Wings Were Ready

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  • Published: 17 Mar 2017
  • Updated: 10 Oct 2016
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This is a poem I´ve meant to write for about seven months now. It´s just been quite too difficult. It can be really hard to write about someone you love, especially when that person is gone. This poem is for someone quite special to me, though he'll never get to read it.

WBK: December 12, 2000 - August 17, 2016 <3


1. Your WIngs Were Ready But My Heart Was Not

There once was a boy

Handsome and sweet 

Though rugged around the edges.


He met a girl

Not quite as sweet

But willing to jump off steep ledges


They became friends

Close as could be

Though they only ever spoke once a week.


It was like a dream

Their friendship, so nice

But there were some things she´dve liked to tweek.


A friendship was nice, 

But she wanted more

A crush, it was called, she´d heard.


But she was too shy

And he, too oblivious

So she never said a word.


Years went by,

their friendship survived

Though they were not as close as before


One day she got a text

That surprised her a great deal

And they called each other friends, no more


A relationship had blossomed 

She was so happy

She could not contain her excitement


While happy as could be

She could also say 

That she was indeed, quite frightened


More years went by

As well as many fights

And there was breakup, hence


Though they still had feelings

They dared say not a word

This was referred to as an awkward silence, at best


One day she saw him

Sitting alone 

And thought she´d go sit by his side


It was a tad awkward

Few words were exchanged

But to say she regretted it, would be a lie.


They began speaking again

And becoming quite close

Just as they had years ago


They both said nothing

About the feelings, recurring

But inside, they both had forbode


A relationship sprung up again,

Joyful as could be

Happiness in both of their hearts


But behind that joy

He was hiding something 

That really, was rather, quite dark.


She had loved him

With all her heart

But sadly, it wasn't quite enough.


To save this young boy, 

beautiful and kind

From a fate, which was rather, quite dark.


He told her many times

It wasn't her fault

But she could never bring herself to believe


The events of that dark night 

Were anything other 

Than the result of the chaos she´d weaved. 


One night, in the dark

That boy ran away

To a bridge, that he´d visited with her


It was there that young boy

Took his own life 

And no one, but one was aware. 


She sobbed for months

At the sound of his name

Whispered and echoed within a small hallway


At the remembrance of his laugh

She can´t help but cry

And for hours, that´s the way she would stay.


She´s written him poems 

Many upon many 

But to them, she´d given no thought.


She´s now somewhat accepted

The hard reality of this ordeal

His wings were ready, but her heart was not.



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