Young And Stupid

When friends Chelsea, Mavis, Anthony, Kaylee, Fiona, Emma and Erica meet Magcon. They go through tears, heart break, pain and fear. Read to find out what goes down in their adventure with the Magcon boys.


4. Meeting Magcon

Chelsea's pov 
"Ahhhhhh" All the boys screamed, and grabbed on to each other. "Hahahaha You should have seen your faces." Kaylee laughed. "Haha Very professional." Nash says.

"Your just mad because I can prank better than you." I challenged, "oh really, you wanna bet?" Nash says "no not bet, but boy vs girls, and the losers will have to do whatever the winners want for a day." I explain "Deal." Nash says spitting on his hand and holding it out. I spit on my hand and shake his. "Deal" I say, and he looked surprised

"What?" I ask, confused "I never known a girl who would do a spit hand shake." He explains "Oh, Well Im not normal, Pranks start tomorrow, is that alright?" I ask, "Perfect." Nash says, "So lets discuss this, umm I'm the only one with no room, am I able to share one with one of you guys?" I ask, "You can share a room with Mahogany." Taylor tells me

"Is she ok with it?" I ask, "Im not sure let me ask." Taylor says, walking away. "Which one of you is Chelsea?" Jack J asks, from behind Nash. "I am" I say, "and we are her friends." Anthony says. "Ummm I wanted to ask how y'all are so calm, with meeting us, I mean every other Fan would be flipping out, not asking to be rude just wondering, cuz I'm actually kinda glad you aren't." Nash asks

"Oh everyone including me is mentally freaking out, but Ill probably won't let tears fall until Hayes walks in, and I don't know about them." I explain, pointing behind me. "I heard my name so I decided to be nosey." Hayes says walking next to Nash. "Oh um I ummm I'm uhhh Ill shut up now." I stutter, running behind Anthony.

"Umm who are they?" Hayes asks, pointing to us. "Are little friend who hid behind me, is the of winner the contest, and she invited all of us along, and as you can see she is in love with you." Anthony explains, gesturing to me. "Oh, Hi Chelsea." Hayes says, making my heart melt, "H-Hi Hayes." I reply, "Mahogany said you can." Taylor says walking up to us.

"Oh ok, thanks tay." I say "No problem Chelsea, and why are you behind the boy." Taylor asks, "Hayes." Anthony says, and Taylor nods his head in understanding. "Would everyone like to get to know each other?" Nash asks, "Yeah sure, can we sit in a circle on the floor?" Mavis asks, "yep." Nash replies siting in the middle of the floor, and everyone else follows, I'm sitting between Hayes and Nash, and everyone else sat next to their favorite boy.

"Ok can i ask a question first?" Fiona asks, "Sure." Nash replies "Ok how old are you? Im 18." Fiona asks, "Im 14." I say "Im 15." Hayes says and everyone else says their age. This went on for hours, it was 10:00 so everyone went to their rooms. "Goodnight." I say, to Mahogany. "Night." She says back

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