We Got YOU!!!!!! (Group Chat)


10. What do we do now? (A few months later)

Johnnie: Em don't look at the chat for a little while. We are working on finding out more info. Something happened with Jordan.


EmLovesJordan: What do u mean?


Kyle: Sweetheart he got into a car accident. We don't think he's gonna make it.


Alex: He's gone.


SocialRepose: What are we gonna do now?


Kyle: Who's gonna father the child?


EmLovesJordan: Kyle, you've been closest to me besides Jordan throughout my pregnancy so far. I want u to be the father figure.


Johnnie: That's so true! Kyle deserves it out of all of us!


EmLovesJordan: We were supposed to find out gender today. Kyle, come with me.


Kyle: Wait I'm confused... What are we now that I'm the father figure? Are we dating? Are we gonna end up getting married? 


Johnnie: Woah chill!


EmLovesJordan: Time will tell. Lets just stay the way it is now.


Kyle: Alright. when do we have to be at the appointment?


Alex: We got about 2 hours. Em, Kyle go get ready!


Kyle: Not together...


EmLovesJordan: Jordan always straightened my hair before appointments. Do u wanna do it today?


Kyle: Why don't we leave it natural. you can borrow one of my beanies...


Alex: So Johnnie isn't coming with us... How about we reveal gender with a pink or blue beanie


Kyle: that sounds amazing!"


Johnnie: any guesses?


Kyle: girl


Alex: girl


Johnnie: Girl


EmLovesJordan: Mine is staying a secret


Johnnie:Ur beanie changed... Wait is this what I think it is?


Alex: What do u think it is?


Johnnie: It's a girl!


EmLovesJordan: yep.


Alex: I know it's only been a few days since the whole thing happened, but we have to start thinking about your relationship with Kyle, Em.


Kyle: Already ahead of you...


Johnnie: No, like seriously what's ur plan Em?


EmLovesJordan: Marriage is definitely in the near future. Like in the next few weeks. 


Alex: WOW you and Kyle really have been working this out. I'll take you dress shopping now...


EmLovesJordan: We did that too... This is it...  http://www.myfashionten.com/unique-sweetheart-short-prom-dresses-butterfly-dress



SocialRepose: Where are u having it? Is it a small ceremony? Reception?


Kyle: Very small ceremony, in a Hot Topic, and yes, a reception on the beach.


EmLovesJordan: Ceremony will be short, Then we hit the beach so that means me and Alex should probably go bathing suit shopping... Color is black Alex.


Alex: found mine...  http://us.shein.com/Black-Bikini-Swimwear-with-Bandeau-Top-p-182004-cat-1866.html?aff_id=5092


EmLovesJordan: I found mine too... I'm wearing white at reception...  https://www.etsy.com/listing/200638202/bride-bikini-set-honeymoon-bridal-bikini


Kyle: well if we have everything planned I can call Hot Topic and make it happen tonight or tomorrow. 


Johnnie: Lets do it tonight...








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