We Got YOU!!!!!! (Group Chat)


9. Kyle comes!

EmLovesJordan: Does Kyle know about any of this?


Alex: He's been on vacation... He's back... Johnnie has told him to join when he can.Johnnie


-Kyle joined the chat-


Kyle: Am I reading this right?


Johnnie: Yep you are. She's gonna be ok... She is staying the night at the hospital.


Kyle: I'm coming... Alex and Johnnie when I get there go home... I'll stay with her while you get some work done.


EmLovesJordan: Kyle, I know u mean well, but I don't want Alex to leave. She's stuck by my side this entire time!


Alex: Yeah she won't want me to leave her alone.


EmLovesJordan: I really want a pineapple orange smoothie!!!


Johnnie: I'll see what I can do.....


Kyle: pineapple orange or pineapple mango?


EmLovesJordan: Pineapple mango sounds better!


Alex: Em, you need to sleep love... It'll help u get better.


Kyle: If she's asleep when I get there don't wake her up... I'll get her, her smoothie tomorrow morning.


JordanLovesEm: Baby, go to sleep, its 10:30!!!


Alex: we are waiting until Johnnie gets back.


Kyle: I'm here!


Alex: wait a couple minutes before you come up... She's very uncomfortable rn because her meds are wearing off...


 EmLovesJordan: Alex, it hurts...


Kyle: She never complains.... It worries me!!!!


EmLovesJordan: Kyle, it's bad...


Alex: scale of 1 to 10 how bad?


EmLovesJordan: 9.5!


Kyle: I'm coming up now... I'll see what I can do about pain meds...


Alex: That's worse than I thought... You don't make it look that bad!


JordanLovesEm: Baby?


EmLovesJordan: ye-


JordanLovesEm: ?


Alex: She literally just passed out!


Kyle: is that a good or bad thing?


Alex: GOOD!!! I've been trying to get her to sleep for hours! She is curled up beside me...


Johnnie: Perfect! The princess is asleep...


Alex: yeah... She needs it!!!!


Social Repose: I was about to come back... Do you still want me to?


Alex: I really just want Kyle to be here when she wakes up... She was asking for him before she passed out!


Kyle: How was this child even talking? 9.5/10 and she was talking????


Alex: She was on meds at that time when she asked....


Johnnie: She really asked for Kyle?


Alex: She said something about wanting Kyle to be in the room when she wakes up!!


JordanLovesEm: Im not going in to work then... Be there in 10!Johnnie: Babe fall asleep with her...


Alex: Johnnie i am fine... She will probably will be awake in a little while.


Kyle: I wish I could hug her!


Alex: just sit with her...


Johnnie: She will wanna hug you to believe me!


EmlovesJordan: Wait is this real?


Kyle: is what real darling?


EmLovesJordan: Where's everyone else?


Alex: Richie is at work. Jordan had to go home.


SocialRepose: She is awake?


Alex: Yes she is.


JordanLovesEm: Is she going home today?


Alex: It's hard to tell. I'm not sure.


EmLovesJordan: Kyle where are you?


Kyle: I'll be up in a few love.


Johnnie: Kyle lay down with Em. Get some sleep.


Kyle: What about Alex?


Johnnie: She's not spending the night. She absolutely has to work tomorrow, I need to get some work done too. You are gonna be alone with her for a little while.


Kyle: alright. Johnnie you know what, stay with Alex tonight. I've got things covered here


EmLovesJordan: Yeah stay with Alex Johnnie. Night Alex. Night Johnnie.

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