We Got YOU!!!!!! (Group Chat)


4. Alex was right?

EmlovesJordan: Alex, I need you to come to the hospital... You were right!!


Alex: Omg!!!


Johnnie: Damn right she was!!!


Social Repose: Em, are you ok?


JordanlovesEm: Baby, ill be there as soon as I can...


Alex: Em, ill be there as soon as I can... I'm at the office signing final paperwork. Johnnie is on his way though.


EmlovesJordan: Richie, no I'm not ok.


JordanlovesEm: Shit... Im coming now! If I lose my job, FUCK THEM!!!!


Social Repose: I probably won't be there for a while...


Johnnie: Ummmm y'all might wanna get here ASAP!! They really fucked her up!!!!


JordanlovesEm: Im on my way!!!


Alex: How bad Johnnie?


Johnnie: well what it looks like... probably a couple broken ribs... Sprained ankle...


Social Repose: Yeah I'm just gonna tell my boss theres a family emergency!!!


Alex: Em, honey im on my way... I told them that I had an emergency and ill be back later to finish.


Johnnie: Jordan its gonna be instinct to hug her... BUT WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T!! I tried and it hurt her so bad!!!



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