Maggie's Poetry Anthology

This is a Poetry Anthology that was begun in my Year 9 English Class.


2. Dad Making Toast (Karlo Mila Style)

My dad is making toast, early in the morning.

He is barely awake. 

Standing by the bench in his PJ's,

Groggy eyes and stifled yawns. 

He would rather be in bed. 

The toaster is heating up and

making a smell which is 

filling up a room.

He likes peanut butter spread thickly on his toast,

waiting for the 'pop' is torture

when you need food.

He glances side to side- to see who is watching

and dips a teaspoon into the jar. 

Into his mouth is a big blob,

sticking his mouth shut.

Pop! Two bits of bread are toast- burnt toast. 

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