Maggie's Poetry Anthology

This is a Poetry Anthology that was begun in my Year 9 English Class.


3. A Cobbled together Sonnet

We were building a new staircase at home.

I walk to the zoo with my friend too. 

My back is broad and strong, my aim is true.

I'm tired everyday so I need to sleep.


I want to eat a pie then take a nap,

How many people in this world are there?

Kentucky fried chicken the best fast food,

Jonah Lomu is the best in the world.


Most paper is white but some are coloured.

I like to shop at the mall it is fun.

Can Kaiser stop flirting with the girls please?

Mr Ataria hair is curly.


It kinda reminds me of a rose bush,

I think rose bushes are really pretty. 

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