Cobbled together

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  • Published: 20 Oct 2016
  • Updated: 21 Oct 2016
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This was an activity that we did in year 9 English


5. I wonder

Wondering what life would be as a book 

Being judged by just one judgemental look

Waiting for someone lovely to see 

That I could be the best,would you agree 

Knowing that one day I will make you smile 

I will wait even if it could take awhile 

Being taken out is the most fantastic feeling

Seeing their faces all happy and gleaming 

Watching their eyes as they both skim and glide 

Exploring the secrets I hold inside 

Laughing along as they start to giggle 

Seeing them all get stuck in the middle 

I wish I could tell them how well they did 

Wondering what life would be as a kid 

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