My Life

I write about things that come to my mind, so like a diary, but not. It's mostly poems and song lyrics I come up with. To be honest most of these were written when I was young. Bla my Kitties.


5. Unknown


I'm peeling you off me

Just like the rest.

You're my 50th mistake.


Leave me alone

You'll never get me

Why do you keep coming back.


I don't know why you're different,

You're confusing me.


There all so bad, but your good

I need you in my life

Or I don't have a light

you're my other half


You need to promise

Never to hurt me.

I've had enough

With your lies.

I knew you 

Could never be the one.

I needed,

But you blinded me

And now I'm gone

Like all the rest.



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