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"We all die," he said slinging his bag over his shoulder. "and I can't stand to be here when you do."


1. 1.0

My part of town was always known to have a problem.

I always thought it was a coincidence... But you never know..

There were weird people, and weird things scattered throughout the streets. For example, grave yards were almost on every street, and still adding corpses from the last outbreak of Ebola. There was a whole block dedicated to the gangs of The United States of America. I mean talk about a bad childhood.

I live in my family's apartment with my best friend, Kait. No, no adults. Just us two. My parents were jumped one night and both were "mysteriously" murdered. Same bullshit every news story tries to say. My parents were somewhat wealthy and I inherited it all when they died. That's just how it is now.

Kait, was abused by her dad, which is why she's here with me. Her mother lives somewhere in Michigan, and they haven't talked in years, so Kait's on her own.

We balance eachother out.

We take care of eachother.

We keep eachother sane.

Because we know we're all that we have left.

"Wanna do something?"

"Like what?" I groan, placing my black combat boots on the coffee table, stretching out.

"Ew, did you step in shit or something? Get your crusty ass boots off the glass."

"Whatever," I place my feet on the floor, tying the untied laces in a bow. "Wanna get food? We're late on schedule.."

Kait nods and slides on her grey converse, placing her phone in her back pocket and getting up. "Catch." She throws me my wallet and I stuff it into my letterman jacket.

"Let's go." I say, playfully pushing her out of the apartment and locking the red door behind me.


If was always funny walking the streets of Fennic, Alabama.

There was always something happening. Big or small.

Dogs fighting in alleys, bells in shops ringing after every door opening, the occasional gun shot in the gang club.

But today, something was off.

"Kait-" I turned to see she wasn't there. "What the hell?"

She stood on the sidewalk looking frantically around her with a confused and scared look, a look I haven't seen since she lived with her dad..

"Kait, what's wrong?"

"Ryder...." Her voice was almost a whisper.


"Somethings wrong.. I can feel it." She took a shaky breath and looked strait to her left. The gang club, or the block where the gangs of America were..

"Come here."

I slowly walked to where she was and turned my head the direction her head was fixed.

"Oh my god... What is that?" I whisper-yelled, covering my mouth with my hand.

In the middle of the trashy road was a body. Naked and ravaged. Even for the gang club, this was unusual.

The sight was so vulgar, but I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

"Oh my god Kait, what happened?!"

She shakes her head and her eyes are glossy like she's about to cry. "Oh god Ryder... Oh god.. He's dead!"

"Shhhh!" I whisper, "don't cry.. I don't wanna see you like that again.. We should go home.. Something's wrong, very wrong aside from the body." I said, turning both of us back the direction of our small apartment.

"What the hell is wrong?" I quietly whisper into the warm air.

"It's quiet.." Kait plainly says. "It's silent."

She was right.

Never was there a car drive by, never a man walking into a side shop, not even the bark of a dog in an alley. "Youre right."

Suddenly there was a high pitched bark from an alley across the dark street from us. The sound was the sound a dog would make if you pulled its tail, or hit it.

We swung our heads towards the terrible sound to see a dark brown dog laying down, a gash in its side.

"What the hell?!"

Then as soon as we saw it, it was gone. A grayish, bruised looking arm pulled it into a back alley, behind a building. And

that's when we started running.

The slight click of the buckles on my left boot with every step.

"Do you think it's following us?" I gasped, full sprint.

"Don't look! You'll slow down! Just run!"

We turned the corner to the street of our apartment, and I've never been so glad to see the old building.

I dig in my pocket, slowing me, for the key as fast as possible.

"Ry hurry! Don't slow down!" Kait yelled.

I grabbed the silver key and the silver chain it was on, and had it ready, running to catch up with Kait.

We got to the door and I immediately pushed the key into the hole and twisted, entering, and locking every lock after Kait entered.

"Go to the back room." I gasped for air, "now."

She turned and ran to the room, her room, and locked her door.  I double checked the locks before running to my own.

What ever the thing was, I didn't want to see it again.


I was scared..

More spooked, but both..

Spooked by the body.

By the dog.

By the arm.

By the chase..

I couldn't see Kait, but I knew she was staring out her window. Staring at the street as the light faded, making things worse.

I unlocked my white 5c iPhone and stared at the home screen.

Flappy Bird. I laughed at myself for still having the dumb game.

Instagram. Nah, don't wanna lose any more self esteem.

YouTube. What's the point anymore if nobody posts videos anymore?

Camera. No.

Photo stream. Memories? Hell no.

Twitter? Ugh.

Lately, phones were useless to me. Kait too. All we needed was eachother. Social media was useless unless you want to feel bad about yourself or check up on someone you admire. I had nobody, so why bother?

The black bar flashed across my screen bringing news I never thought I'd ever read.



Due to a body found in "unsafe boundaries," FPD asks that everybody be on alert until the mystery is closed.

My body tensed as I tore back the curtains in my room and saw ambulances, cop cars, and more parked on the curbs of the gang club, entering and exiting the gates heavily armed with guns and other weapons.

I shook my head as 10 minutes later, my phone buzzed again.



I clicked the link and horror filled my face.

"Attention citizens.

A deadly outbreak of a rare disease has been released.

The disease, and what it is capable of, is unknown.

The disease is affecting the dead in general.

If you see a dead body, do not attempt to give medical assistance.

Do not approach within 5 meters.

Report incident immediately.

Avoid all contact with the outside.

When more information is found, we will contact as soon as possible."

And the video ended.

I dropped my phone, yanking my curtains back so the only light was from my pink lava lamp. I backed into the corner and placed my head in my hands.

By now I was terrified and confused.

The news was informing us on a dangerous disease affecting the dead, and they didn't even understand the full measure.

I checked my phone.


Suddenly, there was glass shattering and I jumped up, frozen in fear, just before the screaming started.




I stuffed my phone in my back pocket and exited my room, turning into hers, but the door was locked. "KAIT! KAIT, ARE YOU OKAY?"

Just a scream.


I frantically paced around the room, looking for something to open the door.

I grabbed a book and threw it at the door, nothing.


A metal pot.

Just sound and frustration.

A chair, shattered.

I screamed through my teeth and kicked the door next to the handle.


I kicked again and again until it broke free.

It was to late. Glass from her window was scattered over the floor and drops off blood were on the white carpet and window sill, on the edges of the remaining glass in the sill.

I burst into tears and leaned out to see a body, limping down the stairs to the street, carrying Kait's dead body.

I gritted my teeth and got up, opening her t-shirt drawer and grabbing the pistol,

Turning safety off and stepping out of the window onto the fire escape, and pointing it at the persons head.

But I couldn't focus it. I was shaking. And my eyesight fogged up.

The sight of Kait's body slung messily over the persons shoulder, her face full of fear and blood.

The only person I had left, was dead.

I had to force myself not to scream, but I didn't know the person, or what he was capable of, so I slid back into the apartment and went to my room, locking my door and sitting in the corner in shock.

"Hey!" A whisper-yell sounded.

I crawled to the window and moved my curtains back slightly.

"Psst! Woman!" It sounded again.

Two figures stood in the street, almost unnoticeable in the dark.

"We're not going to hurt you."

"We want to help you."

"We promise, but you need to hurry, there's not much time left."

"Just do it, you have nothing to lose anymore.." I told myself,

Opening the window and motioning them up.


The two figures stepped through the window, the last in, shutting it and the curtains.

"Please don't hurt me, take anything you want." I whispered, standing at the opposite wall.

"Have a low light?" One asked.

I nodded and flicked on a lamp.

Two boys, teenagers, both had dark hair. One's was curly and long over his forehead, and the others was short but had a lazy quiff.

"Are you okay?"

I nodded.

"Are you hurt in any way?"

I shook my head.

"Are you alone?"

I nodded, realizing that I was in fact, alone.

The curly headed boy sighed, "I'm Jc, and that's Kian."

I said nothing, I was still in shock.

"We want to help you. Do you have a name?"

"Ryder...." I barely said. "Ryder Riley.."

The boys nodded.

"Do you know what's happening?"

I shook my head, "no."

"How about you pack a backpack and come with us, it's not safe here anymore." The second boy said, looking around the room.

I threw a black backpack on my bed, along with two water bottles, all we had, a hair brush, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, the gun, and a knife. It was all I had..

"Good, ready?"

I nodded.

Jc sighed and looked at his thumbs, "Sorry if it sounds like we're pushing you, it's just really bad to stay here..."

"I understand, I'm jut in shock. She was like a sister."

"What was her name?"

"Kait. She was all I had left, and now she's gone."

"Well, Ryder.... Welcome to the apocalypse."

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