Deceiving Darkness - Teaser

"What's happening to me? Something is wrong, something is very, very wrong."
Isaak finds himself kidnapped and taken to a world where reason and logic does not exist. He wakes up in a cold concrete cell along with a girl named Zhoey, and the two must figure out together how to get out of the hell they find themselves in. In a world where physics does not matter, everything can mean nothing, and nothing can mean everything, and as they soon figure out, they are living in the old tale that has been told for generations by the people of the land.


1. The beginning of the end

“What’s… happening to me? Something is wrong, something is very, very wrong.”

These were the only words that could go through his mind, as his body was dragged across rough

landscapes, each leaving its mark. He could not feel where he was, his entire body was numb. The

only thing that assured him that he was still alive was the sharp pain he felt every time a rock bore

into his body. He could not hear anything, nor could he open his eyes. Everything was silent and

dark as the stories told.


He did not know how much time had passed, it could have been hours as well as years and all he

knew is that he was not in his kingdom any more. He felt a big thud on his right shoulder, as if he

had been thrown somewhere. His entire body hurt, dread and confusion filled him. He tried calling

out for help, but not a single word could leave his throat. He could not do anything, no matter how

hard he tried, he could not say any words, or move his body the slightest. I did not take long before

he gave up on trying, he realised it was no use and gave into the darkness.


He woke up, how long he had been out was unknown. He gathered his mind, and wondered where

he was, he suddenly stopped as he heard something. A voice was calling out to him. A calm, serene

voice, which to him felt awfully familiar, yet strangely unknown. His body was not as weak as I had

been before, but he still had to try all he could to just open his eyes. As soon as his eyes had

adjusted to the light, he saw a female figure standing over him. “Hello? Are you still alive?” she

said, “You’ve been here for who knows how long.” She said shortly before noticing his eyes were

open, to which she jumped around with joy.


“Finally, I don’t know how long I’ve been trying to get a response. Come, let’s get you up.” She

grabbed his arm and helped him to a nearby bed. She carefully put him down on the bed and sat

down next to him. “W… Where am I? Who- Who are you?” He muttered, his throat aching with

each word. “Oh, I’m so sorry, how rude of me.” As she reached her hand out, “I’m Zhoey, who are



Isaak looked at her hand and reached out to shake it. His eyes had now fully adjusted to the sharp

daylight and as their hands met he looked at her, and became speechless of what he saw. Her hair

was long and a beautiful mix of golden brown and coal black. Her skin was dead pale, probably

from being in this place for so long. She had scars across her face, very old scars from a time long

before she came here. What astonished Isaak the most was her eyes, her right eye was the most

incredible deep ocean blue he had ever seen, whilst her left eye looked just like the night sky with

all of its stars.


Her purity and beauty as above anyone Isaak had ever seen before, he was unable to form a

sentence by the sight of her. All that he could manage to slip through his motionless mouth was:

“H-hi… Isaak, nice… meet.” Zhoey giggled at his clear shock. “Wow, I have never had someone

look at me like that before.” She said teasing him, “Make sure to close your mouth before you

drool.” She continued, laughing.


Isaak came to his senses again, and realised what had just happened. He quickly looked away,

stuttering and apologising for staring. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”


“Don’t worry.” Zhoey said, “It really is the first time someone has looked at me that way, I’m not

really sure how to react.” She said, blushing in her entire face.


“Well, if you’re okay with it, I won’t stop.” Isaak said, teasing her as well.


They continued talking for hours until Isaak asked a concerning question for Zhoey. “What is this

place even?” he said curiously. Zhoey’s face filled with dread. ”I… I don’t know…” Zhoey said, “I

hoped you knew, considering you fell down here last. Maybe something had gotten out about this

place.” Isaak looked at Zhoey. He was trying to think of the stories of his childhood, the stories his

parents told him about this place that was unknown to man. A place where only a select few would

be brought here. Leaving them wounded, vulnerable, and often alone to find their way out, or to

find their purpose.


Isaak told the story to Zhoey, that his parents had told him uncountable times. As he got through it

he could sense a small bit of excitement coming from Zhoey. “Why the sudden burst of joy?” Isaak

said. “Well,” Zhoey responded, “This means that we have a purpose, and we’re not alone to fulfil

this purpose. We’re here with each other, right?”


“Yeah, I guess I can see that, perhaps being here is not so bad after all.” Isaak said, trying to be

optimistic about the situation.


“Have you even seen where we are?” Zhoey said, encouraging Isaak to look around. “In this place,

nothing is as it seems.


Sure enough as Isaak looked around, he found they were trapped in a cell, a room of concrete with

one side open and covered in metal bars. “Well,” He said, “We seem to be in a prison cell, like the

ones found in the big cities. “ Zhoey laughed a little and said: “Yes, that’s what it would seem like,

but try and get a little bit closer, feel the walls and tell me what they are.” Isaak hesitated a little, but

soon got up to feel the walls, he fell back in utter shock. The walls were warm and pulsating, as if

they were living creatures, and as he grabbed a hold of the iron bars, he found nothing that even

resembled iron, the bars melted in his hand and the wood inside was clearly visible. As soon as he

let go of the bar it snapped back into its original shape in the blink of an eye, as if nothing had

happened to it.


Isaak looked dumbfounded as he heard Zhoey in the background, “See? I told nothing is as it seems

in this place, everything is unbound from reality.” Isaak looked at Zhoey as confused as before and

carefully asked, “What... what about food? We can’t just be left to starve here, can we?”


“Don’t worry about that.” Zhoey responded, “We’re given two… food-ish meals every day, but not

even that behaves like it should.” Isaak started to worry about how everything would go, Zhoey

noticed this and continued: “Don’t worry, even though it looks like it shouldn’t be food, it tastes

really nice, we’re sure to survive for at least a little while.”


This made Isaak feel a bit better, maybe everything was going to work out just fine, perhaps they

would even find their way out of here at some point. Before long Isaak heard a weird sound outside

the cell they were in, and before he knew it two wooden bowls with sand and marbles had appeared

before him and Zhoey. Zhoey jumped up from the bed, “Dinner’s here!” She yelled. She quickly

grabbed a hold of one of the bowls and started shoving the sand into her mouth. Isaak just looked at

her in disgust. Zhoey noticed it and laughed a bit. “Don’t worry, nothing is as it seems, remember?

Try it yourself.”


Isaak was very hesitant of taking the sand and placing it in his mouth, but eventually Zhoey made

him do it. The moment the sand touched his tongue, he was overwhelmed with flavour, a mix of the

tastiest forest berries and fruits. The sand was not dry at all; it felt almost like ordinary breadcrumbs

from a freshly baked bread. He loved every last grain of sand, and before he knew it he had eaten it

all and continued with the marbles. As he bit into the first marble he was shocked to find that it was

like an egg, a hard shell with a soft inside. He bit through the shell and felt amazed that the liquids

from the marble made its way into his mouth. It tasted like a king’s meal, a mix of the finest wine,

and a perfectly cooked lobster by the side.


Zhoey could not help but laugh a bit, as she saw her newfound friend munching through the

marbles. She had rarely seen anything as funny, and she almost fell over when Isaak realised that

every marble was a different meat. Isaak noticed that Zhoey was clenching her stomach from

laughing too much, and felt that she needed to have some too. He picked up the marbles one by one

and carefully tossed them at her, only for the marbles to turn completely into water in the air. They

were both equally surprised by it, but only a brief moment had passed before they were throwing

marbles towards each other like there was no tomorrow. They were having the time of their lives,

both of them smiling more than ever before.


Before they knew it, they were out of marbles, and the two of them fell to the floor, clenching their

stomachs, trying to contain the laughter induced stomach cramps. After a short while they both got

up, looked at each other, and smiled the biggest of smiles. At that moment, neither of them cared

where they were or what had happened to them, they were just happy not to be there alone.

Isaak went to pick up the bowls in case they could be used as an escape plan, but they were

nowhere to be found. Isaak looked at Zhoey and said, “Do you know where the bowls went? Maybe

they could be used to break out of here.” Zhoey knew what had happened and explained it briefly to

Isaak. “Well, you see, like I said before nothing here is as it should be. While we were having fun

emptying the bowls, they gradually turned into ash. That’s why I have a huge pile of ash in the

corner.” Isaak knew that it would be useless to question it and just accepted it.


As the day fell late Zhoey had taken over the bed, and Isaac had made himself a nice little spot out

of the ash pile and before long they had both fallen asleep.


”Suat serabent aleina ni erofindec elotin. ”


Isaak woke up in the middle of what he presumed to be the night. Shaking violently, trying to catch

his breath. He felt as if he had just woken up from a nightmare, but his mind was completely clear.

He remembered that he heard words in his sleep, in a language he did not know. As he was

struggling to get up, he supported his arm on a rock only for the rock to slip away under his and

send him crashing to the ground yet again. He quickly sat up in confusion to make sure he was

okay, and to make sure that Zhoey did not see anything.


He looked around trying to find the rock that did this to him. He was very annoyed, searching

franticly through the ash piles to find it, just so he could throw it away. His annoyance disappeared

the moment he discovered what it actually was. Right there, slightly covered with ash, was a small

white orb. From afar, it could be mistaken for a pearl, but as Isaak inspected it closer, it seemed to

be a translucent crystal orb glowing in a spectrum of bright colours, with slithering etchings of

wondrous creatures surrounding it.


The longer he stared at it, the more he felt like the orb was taking hold of him. He knew he could

not keep looking at it, in fear of the orb taking control over him. It kept whispering things to him in

a serene sweet voice. He recognized the voice, and he felt like his heart plummeted. He could not

remember the name, but this soothing voice belonged to someone who was very dear to him, that he

lost many, many years ago. He writhed in pain as he tried to remember the name, he had to, he

needed to satisfy the orb, and he did not want to disappoint the poor thing.


Finally, after trying painfully, he got free of the orb’s grasp, stopping the whispering and the pain.

He tumbled backwards thinking about what had just happened, but before he could finish that

thought, the orb had stopped glowing and the etchings had disappeared. Now it simply just looked

like a clean pearl picked from the finest of oysters. As if his father had brought it home from one of

the royal fishing ships. Isaak felt heavily exhausted after what had just happened, he decided to pick

up the orb and put it in his pocket, only to have the orb disappear into his hand as he picked it up.

He felt a rush of panic, but decided that sleep was more important, and shortly after laid down again

on his pile of ash.


He woke up to a humming. It was Zhoey walking around, closely inspecting the cell in hopes of

finding some sort of way out. She noticed that Isaak had woken up, and giggled a bit. “A late

sleeper are we?” She teased. Isaak looked at her, still trying to get used to the sudden daylight. He

felt completely exhausted and could only reply with a grumble. This just made Zhoey laugh even

more, she really enjoyed teasing people, and she could handle getting a few jabs back as well. “Well

wake up quickly, we don’t want the food to get stale.” She continued. As Isaak got up and turned to

her, she was shocked. His eyes were bloodshot, and he had a gash in forehead. “Oh my god! Isaak!

What happened to you?” She almost screamed in panic.


Isaak had no idea what she was talking about, and decided to feel around his face to see if anything

was out of the ordinary. He was just as surprised as she was when he looked at his hand and found a

thin layer of crimson blood. He remembered what had happened during the night, but decided

against saying anything about it, as he could not prove the orb was actually there. He knew it was in

his hand, somehow, but he did not know how to get it out again. “I rolled off the ash in my sleep

and hit a rock. I guess it’s worse than I thought.” Isaak said, trying to sound as genuine as possible.

Zhoey did not quite buy his story, but decided to go along for now.


“Well lucky for you, they didn’t take my bag from me when they dumped me here, and I have a bit

of everything for every situation.” She said, calming down a bit. She reached down into her bag and

pulled out some simple bandages. They were a bit old and torn, but they would make do for now.

As she sat down and started to wrap Isaak’s head in bandages, she decided to use the situation to get

to know each other a bit better.


“So… we’re obviously going to be here for a long time.” Zhoey said, anticipating every possible

answer Isaak could give her in response.


“Yes?” Isaak responded, “Where are you going with this?”


“I want to know who you are, where you’re from, what you’ve done, and what you want to do.” She

said, with a bit of shiver in her voice.


“Why?” Isaak responded, rather surprised, as no one had ever been interested in his thoughts before.


“…Curiosity” She responded hesitantly.


A long pause followed. Zhoey finished with the bandaging, and Isaak sat down next to her.

“Alright, I’ll tell. If you do too.” Isaak said with a slight grin. This sent shivers down Zhoey’s back,

as she was not sure what to tell him about herself. She decided to go through with it, she had not

done anything bad so he could not hate her for it. “Deal.” She responded confidently. “Alright.”

Isaak said, here we go.


“My full name, and title, is a bit of a mouthful. I am Sir Isaak William Drakan, son of Monty

Drakan, and heir to the Trulmidge throne. Born on the 17 th sun cycle, in the second month of the

blood moon. Making me 17 years old. I do not want to bear this name, nor do I want the title or the

fancy words that come with it.” He said, being careful not to sound too upset. “But it’s something I

have had to live with. I was born into one of Trulmidge’s wealthiest families, and because of that,

I’ve always had a close relationship with the royal family. It doesn’t help that my father and the

king fought side by side in the old war. From a very young age I’ve been trained in fighting with

blades, anything from the largest of swords, to the smallest of pocket knives. I was knighted at age

7, and was made sole heir to the Trulmidge throne, as the queen died before she could have any

children.” Isaak let out a big sigh. Zhoey could not hear if it was annoyance or relief. “And ever

since that day, I’ve despised anything fine and shiny. I just want to explore, not be a king, and even

though being stuck here in this hellhole is quite panic inducing. It also feels like a fantastic way to

start over from scratch.”


Zhoey did not take long to find a cheeky response, “Oh, a little rebellious are we?” She said, giving

him a nudge with her shoulder. “I guess you could say that; I’ve never cared much for the finer

things in life. I want to have some genuine fun.” He said, giving her a nudge back. A silence

followed, and neither of them said anything for a while. Then suddenly Isaak broke the silence with

the dreaded question:” What about you? Tell me about yourself.”


Zhoey froze in place, she never wanted to talk about herself, she just agreed to make things go a bit

easier. “Well,” She said, “I guess I don’t have a choice. Where do I begin.”


“My full name is just Zhoey, my parents gave me this name, and only this name just before they left

me at the Samdora Home for Lost Youths. It was just a nice way of saying ‘The Hell equivalent to

an orphanage.’ They did not treat us well, fed once a day only to be put in a big room with old worn

out toys. I had to learn to fight to survive. It used to be me the bigger kids chose to steal extra food

from, often leaving me starving for days. But I grew tired of it, and eventually stood up to them,

then the really big kids. Even the adults when I got older. We started getting 2 meals a day, new

toys, bullies were kept an eye on, all because the adults didn’t want to upset me, as I was the only

kid fighting back. Then one day one of the kids tried to run away. I chased him to and alleyway

where I caught him. As the adult took him back to the orphanage I blacked out. Then the only thing

I remember is an immense pain in my entire body, before I woke up here what seems to be months

before you came by. Since then, I’ve taken Younghome to be my last name, as an everlasting

reminder of where I come from…”


Isaak was astonished, he had no idea how to react to this story. Suddenly he just uncontrollably

burst, “Oh my god, you’re so awesome!” He quickly clamped his mouth, just as surprised as Zhoey

that those words just came out of his mouth. “Oh, I see.” She giggled a bit, “I don’t think so myself,

but I’m glad you don’t hate me for what I have been.” She gave Isaak a weak smile, which he

returned happily. Suddenly it felt like time around them stopped as they had caught each other in

their gaze. Neither of them wanted to look away and ruin whatever this feeling was.


After a short while, Zhoey broke the connection. Isaak was confused as to why her face suddenly

change from clear happiness to an expression of deep dread and fear. Before he even thought of

asking, he found out what it was. Somewhere distant were huge, thundering footsteps. It sounded

like a mountain walking around, and as they got closer, Isaak started feeling the dread as well. They

both knew that whatever it was, it was not nice and it should be left alone. “Just sit completely still,

don’t say anything and it will be gone soon.” Zhoey whispered to Isaak. Not wanting to risk his life

at that moment, he did as he was told. The ground started shaking as the creature was walking right

up to their cell, looking through the metal bars, and then proceeding to dump what sounded like big

sacks of wood. In this time Isaak managed to get a good look at this horrific beast. It was a walking

abomination of skulls, some decomposing, some broken, but it was made entirely of skulls. Not just

human skulls, but from various creatures. It walked hunched over with distorted skulls sticking out

of its back, Defying every single law of physics just by existing. Isaak looked at Zhoey only to see

her more petrified than him. She was shaking uncontrollably, unable to say anything. She looked

frantic as if she was in a panic coma. As the monstrosity went away Isaak got up and carefully

walked to Zhoey. He laid his hands on her shoulders which calmed her down a bit. He helped her to

the bed, making sure she was okay.


“What the hell was that thing!?” Isaak exclaimed, scared out of his mind. “I… Don’t know.” Zhoey

cautiously responded. “I don’t know what they’re actually called, but I call them titans, and they

scare the life out of me. They seem to be guarding this place. They come around every now and

then to… dump the bones of the creatures that have tried to escape, everything except the skulls

which they add to themselves.”


Isaak was horrified by the thought, but then he had an idea. “When they’re gone, how fast do you

think they’d notice something has gotten out of the cell?” Zhoey looked at him with confusion,

“Isaak, you’re not thinking about… What are you saying?” It was clear that she knew sort of where

this was going, and she was not much for it. “What I’m saying is, if we have something in here that

behaves like a metal, maybe I could grab one of the dumped bones, sharpen it, and maybe cut us out

of here through the walls. If they feel like they’re living, so we should be able to cut through them,

right?” He was getting very excited over this sudden idea he had. He didn’t notice himself how

idiotic it sounded. “But, that’s suicide!” Zhoey exclaimed, clearly scared out of her mind.


“Possibly,” Isaak continued, “But it’s our only viable way out of here right now, we have to try. We

can’t stay here forever.”


Zhoey felt very afraid, but decided to shake the feeling off her. “Maybe you’re right, I want to get

out as well. I guess it’s the only option we got if we don’t want to be new addition to those titans.”

Her quick agreement surprised Isaak, he was getting ready to persuade her to follow along. Whilst

he was happy that she followed along so quickly, he knew that it was going to be a long and tough

task to get out. “Alright then,” He said as two wooden bowls were thrown into the cell. “We’ll start

after this meal.” Zhoey nodded and eagerly started eating the sand, with a delighted and satisfied

look on her face.


By the time Isaak had gotten to marbles, Zhoey had already finished her bowl, which had now

turned into ash, and was scouting around the cell for anything sharp. “Nothing’s as it seems,

nothing’s as it seems, nothing’s as it seems…” She continuously said to herself, examining

everything she could get a hold of, but no matter what she tried, nothing worked in their favour. The

rusty bunk bed became soft and squishy as soon as she touched the edges, the metal bars melted and

reformed over and over again, the walls were too soft to sharpen anything on. She was getting very

frustrated. And started to kick the piles of ash in hopes of something being hidden underneath. As

the ash was flying around like cotton she hit her foot on something and started cursing. “God damn

it! That hurts like hell! What in the name of- “She suddenly stopped. Isaak noticed and looked her

way to see the reason why. He looked at her, she was smiling the widest of smiles, and Isaak got up

and walked closer to see what she had found. A big rock.


This was not anything weird form this place, it was a rock, felt like a rock, acted like a rock, was

rough like a rock. This was a real actual rock, somehow in this horrific hell. “Where did that come

from?” Isaak asked, Zhoey looked confused at him, “I actually don’t know, I’ve never seen it

before. However, the ash was also here when I woke up, so it could’ve been here for a very long

time. Isaak picked up the rock and suddenly got an overwhelming feeling that he should not have

done that. He shrugged it off, place the rock next to the bed, and went to the iron bars to try and get

a hold of a bone. Sure enough, right outside the cell was a massive pile of bones from various parts

of anatomy. The bones were just out of reach, and he had to stretch and twist his torso through the

bars to actually get a hold of a bone. It was all going according to the plan until he realised an

important detail. He had gotten stuck.


“Umm, Zhoey? We might have a problem…” He said, embarrassed that he had gotten himself in

this situation. Zhoey turned around and saw Isaak in his very awkward position, and she could not

stop herself from laughing. “Yeah, yeah, get it all out. I’ll be waiting right here.” Isaak sighed, but

could not help but chuckle a little bit as well. Suddenly he remembered that the bars kind of melted

when in contact with skin, so he pulled his shirt up and let the entire thing melt. He got free with

barely any trouble, and as the bar snapped back into its original shape, he could hear Zhoey still

laughing behind him. “Thanks for the help.” He teased at her. She realised that she had just been

laughing this entire time, “I’m sorry,” She chuckled a bit, “You just looked so funny right there, are

you alright?” her laughing stopped and she sounded genuinely concerned. “Yeah, don’t worry, I’m

as good as ever.” He responded, giving her a faint smile.


Zhoey was really happy that Isaak found it as funny as her, and now that he had gotten a hold of a

bone, it was just a matter of time before they would be out of their cell. Days passed, meals came

and bowls disappeared. The titans dumped off even more bones. Everything was slowly falling into

place. After a few days had passed and the bone had started to take shape, Zhoey asked Isaak an

uncomfortable question. “Isaak,” She sounded like she was whimpering, but tried hard to hide it,

“Have you ever… Lost someone close to you?” Isaak felt his heart plummet as her words found

their way into his mind. He turned to her and asked: “Yes, why are you asking?” Zhoey was

shocked by his firm response, his voice was deep and heavy. He sounded like he could tear down a

wall out of rage.


Zhoey knew that what she was about to say would make him upset, but she was too curious to let it

go. “Who did you lose?” she said, trying to sound supportive through her sniffs. Isaak looked at her.

She could see his eyes, full of grief. He gave a slight smile and got up to walk to the bed. Zhoey

was standing in the middle of the cell, unsure of what to do. “Sit down,” Isaak said, gesturing to the

bed, “It’s time for another story time” As Zhoey sat down next to him she could see how much he

was shaking. His heart was pounding like had he just fought off an elephant. Isaak took a deep

breath and begun.


“Well, when I was little I enjoyed playing with my siblings every day. I have a sister and a brother,

both a few years older than me. We played all kinds of games, hiding games, tag you name it. I

always looked up to my brother as an inspiration, he had his entire life set for him, he was going to

be the Heir to the throne before… Yeah, I’ll get to that.” Isaak started trembling and having trouble

with talking. Zhoey noticed this and laid her arm around him, resting her head on his shoulder.

Isaak was shocked, nothing like this had ever happened to him before, but he found it calming and

decided to continue his story. “My sister was always a teaser, she enjoyed making fun, and pulling

harmless pranks on the entire family, we all loved it because she never overdid it, it was always

something minor. Everything was lovely until the first time she decided to overdo one of her

pranks. It was one of her friends that dared her to scare our brother, and even though she hated the

idea of scaring people, she went with it. She hid under his bed at night and decided to scare him in

his sleep. He woke up flailing, scared out of his mind, and before he knew what had happened, he

had pushed her out of his bedroom window. We all woke up to the sound of her screaming, it was a

long way down. Her scream filled every bit of the night, until it ended in a crackling thump.”

Zhoey looked at Isaak, tears were streaming down his face, every little bit of his face was stressed.

“One week after” He continued, to Zhoey’s surprise, “My brother took his own life, unable to live

with the shame of killing his beloved sister.” Isaak forced himself to stop crying and straightened

his back. Zhoey had to take her arm back as it was too short to reach his shoulder now. “You

shouldn’t see me like this, it’s not a pretty sight.” He said, trying his hardest to force a smile. “I

don’t care,” Zhoey responded with a confident voice, “We all have things that are breaking us

inside, it doesn’t matter how horrible it looks or sounds when you tell it, as long as you’re getting it

out. The two looked around, it had gotten dark and they should probably get some sleep, Isaak got

up and walked to his usual pile of ash. He turned to Zhoey and simply said: “Thanks.” Before

drifting away to sleep.


When Zhoey woke up again, Isaak was already hard at work, grinding the bone as if he despised its

being. Zhoey remembered his story from the night before, she walked over to Isaak and gave him a

big hug, before she walked off to do her usual scouting. There was not much to do in the cell except

for wait and eat. Luckily they would be out in a few days if Isaak kept up the pace. “Zhoey?” Isaak

asked, “How old are you even? I don’t recall you mentioning it the other day.” Zhoey looked at him

and giggled a bit. “What’s so funny?” Isaak asked. “Well,” Zhoey continued, “It’s very simple. I

don’t know.” Isaak looked dumbfounded, “Don’t know? How can that be?” He had no idea what to

think, how could someone not know how old they are? Zhoey began explaining it briefly, “Well, I

was only a few days old when I arrived at the orphanage. I don’t know what year that was, and we

weren’t told dates at the orphanage. Only the current time.” Isaak just felt even more confused than

before. He was struggling to find the necessary words, and Zhoey had even more fun seeing his face

turn into so many different expressions.


“I guess there’s nothing to do about that.” Isaak sighed, “but we look around the same age, I’m

guessing you’re around 18.” Zhoey did not say anything, but she seemed to agree. They both went

back to what they were doing before. As the bone got close and closer to completion, Isaak felt

himself getting more and more frustrated. He started cursing frantically because the bone was so

close to being complete, yet so far. He felt like he was losing his mind in this hell, and he had to get

out this very instant. Zhoey noticed this and tried calling out to him to calm him, but it was no use,

her words were drowned in the ocean of manic noises Isaak was making, grinding the bone with

increasing rage. It was only when he managed to break the stone in half he realised that he had

gotten too far.


“Are… are you okay?” Zhoey asked cautiously, not wanting to anger him even more.

“Yes, I’m sorry, I just want to get out of here as quickly as possible, I can’t stand this place even

though the food is absolutely amazing. I’m reaching my limit and I need to get out of here.” He

kicked a piece of the now half rock into the wall venting his final frustrations. He was pleased to see

that the sharp rock had buried itself deep into the wall, but that suddenly turned to worry as he saw

the wall engulf the rock as it was mending itself. A loud crunch was heard, and the rock spewed out

a cloud of dust. It now looked like nothing had ever happened to it.


Both Isaak and Zhoey were in awe after what they had just witnessed, but decided to go through

with the plan anyway. After a few more days of grinding the bone on the remains of the rock, Isaak

almost scared Zhoey to death by shouting: “Finally! It’s finished!” without noticing she had taken a

nap. She gave out a slight scream as she processed what had happened. Zhoey forgot all about the

scare and jumped eagerly out of the bed when she saw the knife that Isaac had made of the bone.

“Time to test it.” Isaak said. Zhoey smiled at him and nodded. He placed the tip of the knife towards

the wall and prepared himself. With one quick movement the knife was deeply embedded in the


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