Poems 2.0

I'm co-authoring this book!!! He's REALLY good at writing poems!!!


93. They always stay~Anna

Demons come and go. 

But the memories stay.

Depression can come and go,

Or it stays with you.

Like a best friend should stick with you.

But like "best friends", they leave you too. 

Although, you know what never leaves you?

Depression and demons and regrets. 

Of course, you can cast them away.

Immerse yourself in religion, friends, groups, therapy, love, relationships. 

But those all fade away. 

The effects that make you "happy" never stay. 

They leave. Like everyone else does.

Give up on the people that don't care.

People come and people go.

That's what the people say.


What they don't know is that, we need people.

People need people. It's inevitable. 

But alas, is that really true?

Why do we keep relying and wanting each other,

When it's clear that nobody wants me.

It's clear that I am replaceable.


The place easily filled with another.


I don't know, probably will delete, sorry it's crappy.

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