Poems 2.0

I'm co-authoring this book!!! He's REALLY good at writing poems!!!


20. Save me...~Anna

I've slit my  wrists;

I have watched the blood drip dry.

I've planned an attempt at suicide.

I was going to after the fourth of July.

Kinda just wish I would've tried.

Because now mother has found my knife.

I had it all figured out;

First, the Benadryl pills.

Second, grab the knife.

But But not before knotting the rope twice.


Standing on a chair;

Visions getting blurry.

Put rope around your neck.

Next, pull out that knife you took from the kitchen.

And cut those wrists horizontally

Watch the blood start pouring out.

Now kick away the chair,

And you're left dangling there.


Don't leave a note in case you survive.

Gotta keep some mystery.

But you've written the letter a million times.

And never once signed.

No full closure for them.

Only half written letters.



Time is running out.

The countdown has begun.

To what?

The countdown till' my death.

You of course won't know when it ends.

Only the voices in my head know.


So will you miss me when I am gone?

Will you even notice?

Will you notice, when I'm not walking the halls?

Will you notice that I am not on the bus?

Would you miss my voice?

Would you miss my personality?


Who would cry over me?

The friends that don't hear me?

The parents that don't see me?

The siblings that don't know me?

Only the Monster will miss me.

Because I'm not feeding its desires.


I will be six feet underground.

No one will miss me.

They say they will, but it's a lie.

Just like when they said, they'd never say goodbye.


So take your time to say goodbye;

Because you're not gonna remember me, anyway.


I will be like a distant memory.

A forgotten soul.

A nobody.

Don't lie and say you'll help me!

What you say will just fade away...

Just like me...


It's hard to live; when you're already dead...


~Anna 10-23-16


Yes, you hear the laughter and weirdness. But there's more that goes on behind the curtain. Just like the Melanie Martinez song I showed you, 'Dollhouse'.












Bullet~Hollywood Undead (~school blocks this song because it's title is 'Bullet'~)

















Remember The Name~Fort Minor


This song inspired me because whose gonna remember my name? No one.











Dollhouse~Melanie Martinez


Basically my life.

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