Poems 2.0

I'm co-authoring this book!!! He's REALLY good at writing poems!!!


75. Love~Anna

Love is love, right?

Someone told me that you get who you're dealt with. 

But you chose them didn't you? 

So how are we just "get" who you're dealt with?


Love is blind.

Blind to their flaws.

Blind to their lies. 

Blind to the heartache they cause.

Blind to all of the v10lence.


Love is hate.

Hate the biggest flaw you had.

Hate the way they are happy without you.

Hate the way they lied to you.

Hate the way they ignored you.

Hate the way, they were never there for you.

Hate the way they k1ll3d you deep inside.

Hate the way they made d3ath look like an escape.

Hate the way they painted a pretty picture.

Hate the way they broke your heart.

Hate the way they used you.

Hate the way their voice made you so happy.


Love is broken memories.

Memories of the smile you once loved.

Memories of the laugh that you cherished once.

Memories of the promises you knew they'd never keep anyway.

Memories of the late nights and too early mornings.

Memories of the what you thought was closeness and yet so far away.

Memories of the sadness deep inside.

Memories of the longing you had for them, but you knew they'd never come.


Love is regret.

Regret for falling so fast.

Regret for not listening to that friend.

Regret for not realizing the meaning behind those words.

Regret for believing such stupid lies.

Regret for holding on for so long.

Regret for loving them.

Regret for not running away.

Regret for saying that oh so cliche of a phrase.

Regret for saying those 3 little words.


Love is fake.

Fake for saying you're happy.

Fake for saying you'd never lose me.

Fake for saying you'd never cheat.

Fake for never explaining the reasoning for your infidelity.

Fake for ever saying you "loved" me.

Fake for being oh so "perfect". 



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