Poems 2.0

I'm co-authoring this book!!! He's REALLY good at writing poems!!!


52. How do you know?~Anna

I'm tired all the time.

I'm not who I used to be. 

Thoughts go in and out of my head.

There's no one around me.

It's so easy. 

So fast.

With just one fall.

With just one blAd3.

With just one knif3.

With a pen and paper in hand;

I could go a long way.

Helpless and confused do I live.


Quick, no one's home!

Everyone's leaving.

I've got time.

Plenty of time to say goodbye.

But would I really say goodbye?

Text you all and wish you a happy life?


You'll all be happy without me.

I'm just a burden.

A nobody.


So is this my final goodbye?


Au revoir À bientôt?

Because all I can see is;

"A Boulevard of Broken Dreams."

"Everything I touch always dies..."

I am just a zombie.

There's nothing that I am certain about anymore.

What I like, 

What I love,

If I'm truly happy.

If it's just all a lie?

I question myself all the time.

I feel like nothing is ever right.

What if I am just lying to myself?

Is anything actually for certain?

If it is, then how do you know it is?






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