Poems 2.0

I'm co-authoring this book!!! He's REALLY good at writing poems!!!


82. Escape...~Anna

Is there such a thing?

Is there some sort of way to get out of here?

It's made up. Just a stupid fantasy.

No. Because there is no escape.

It's inevitable. A paradox.

Plans unfinished.

Just a dream, really.

Just a six letter word. With no real meaning.



From the demons inside.

From the ghosts on the outside.

From the memories.

From the people.

From the regrets.

From the hurt.

From the happiness. Because it never lasts.

From the tears that stain my face.

From the yelling and fighting.

From the monster under my bed.

From the dreams.

From the failure that I have become.

From the insane reality I call home.

From the fake friends.

From the uncaring family.

From the lies and deceit.

From the wrongs that are never to be made, right.

From the sadness.



            From the fake smiles.

            From the short goodbyes and long hellos.

            From death.

            From rejection .

            From me.


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