Poems 2.0

I'm co-authoring this book!!! He's REALLY good at writing poems!!!


41. Endless Cycle~Anna

I'm tired of this endless cycle.

I'm tired of the feeling like I am on a roller coaster.

My life is one f**ng soap opera.

It feels like everything is flying past me.

Days and hours are becoming one big blur.

Like in the movies when time travels;

And the actor just watches and stays behind.

People are becoming ghosts.

Dreams are becoming my only escape.

Nights are getting shorter.

School is just another routine.

So is laughing.

So is everything.

Why even try anymore?

When all I feel is neither death nor pain.

I don't crave death as much as I had before.

But there are other cravings that come back.

 And they come back worse then before.

Who knows if I'm strong enough to get through them.

You'll just think I'm insane.

But I'm getting weaker day by day.

It's way too easy to fake everything.


People can make you smile.

Make you laugh;

Make you 'happy.'

But how do you know when you're truly happy?

I thought that certain people made me truly happy.

Little did I know that true happiness;


Not for me anyway. Maybe for you,

If you have true happiness.

Take care of it.

Savor it.

Hold onto it.

Don't ever let it go.

Or you'll come crashing down like me.

Cherish your true happiness.

And the people or person that provides it.

I don't know what true happiness is anymore.


Like a light switch.

I can turn off and on.

Smile into a frown.

Laughter into silence.

"Happiness" into depression.



No idea if this makes any sense or even rhymes. My brain is fried and I don't know...

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