The Guy Next Door (lastmann fanfiction)

This is a story about a girl that just moved into an apartment complex and her neighbor is famous but she doesn't figure that out until he asks her to be in one of his YouTube videos for his fans.

Bit Wh would he want a new girl in town to be in his YouTube video even though he doesn't know who she is on YouTube yet. What will he do? What will happen with them? When will he find out?


7. Setting Up My Room :P :)

                           Me and Adym went to my apartment and we decided that we had to finish my room tonight not tomorrow but tonight. so, we put on some music and we got to work. I was really excited for my room to be put together already. So, I started to get my shit together and we brought my bed in and we put everything in the middle of my room and then we put my dressers in place and my makeup section and hair section in the right place I wanted it to be. Then  Adym and I started to put my bed together and put it right by the wall that I wanted it on. I was so happy I had Adym as mine I'm guessing were together and I was just lucky to have a strong man to help me put everything together and plus he knew how to put it together too. But, I was about to get something heavy and Adym yelled at me and told me not to pick up anything heavy. I mean it was just my makeup and hair stuff it wasn't heavy so I decided to slide it over and he didn't yell at me.


"Hey Sirena what are you setting up?" Adym asked me standing right behind me as I was bent over and all I felt was his dick right by my ass. So, I just went along with it and I just needed to have the right amount of sexiness to turn around. But, I just stood there and then started to feel him touching my ass so I started to grind on him and he just held onto my ass as I did it. I mean I just felt him and I knew he was enjoying it because I know that I was. So, then I stood up and I just stood there as he was still standing right behind me. I just wanted this moment to last forever but I wanted to get my room put together tonight not later or tomorrow. So, I turned around and looked at Adym and said


"Let's finish my room and then we can fool around. I promise. Papi" I said as I bit my lip and kissed Adym. So he agreed and we got back to my room and went to finish it up. I then went into my closet and Adym followed me so that I could get my closet done before we finish my room and bed. So, we went into my closet and he put new music on which was his and I knew all the words. He was so surprised by me. So, I gave him my dresses to hang up and then I gave him my T-shirts too. I had everything else. So, I put my underwear and bras in two drawers and then I put my socks in another drawer. I was so excited to have my walk in closet finally. I then went to my pants and shorts and shit. I started to put my jeans in one drawer. Then I started to put my shorts in another one and then my leggings in a separate drawer by themselves. Then I went by Adym and started to help him with my shirts and tank tops and crop tops. I put shirts in one drawer and the tank tops in another and crop tops in the last drawer. I mean I was in love with tis closet. If only it had another place for me and Adym to have a secret hiding place for us to be alone and have some private time oh wait his apartment lmao.

             Then I started to put all of my shoes in the right spot. I put my vans and converse in one shelf and then my heels and wedges in another. Than I put my boots on another shelf in the closet. Me and Adym finished that in less than 25 minutes. Then we did my jewelry in the sewers and shit. We finished all of that in 20 minutes. I was do happy we finished my closet. Now it's time for my bedroom where I sleep! We went in there and through all of the empty boxes in the living room. Then we started to do my bed. We set it up and put the mattress on it and put my sheets on it and my blankets and my pillows and everything. Then it was time for my decor on my walls. We finished my whole entire room at 8:05pm to be exact. I was so happy to be able to have Adym as mine and him here helping me.

Then me and Adym started to put his body up against mine. I was really excited to have a right amount of him right here right now. When we were all done I decided to sit on my bed and then Adym came and crawled up right on top of me and said can we now babe. I couldn't resist him. So I just kissed him and had my hands on his face and I didn't want it to stop. So he kept on kissing me and I knew he locked the door because he wouldn't have done this if e didn't. So then I started to rub his abs and I was loving it. So I started to just run my fingers through his hair instead since his shirt was still on. Then it began. He took off his shirt. Then it was my shirt. We just kept on taking off articles of clothing and I just couldn't wait. So we kept on tipping off pieces of our clothes. I didn't want to stop. So I just kept on going and I didn't want to stop. I told Adym in his ear:

"I'm ready daddy!"

"Okay mami are you sure you want to do this?"


So that's when Adym started to switch it up. My ass was by his face and his dick was by mine. So I started to suck him off and he started to eat me out. He started to eat the booty like groceries. I just couldn't stop sucking his dick. If I did I would mown so fucking loud. So I just kept on sucking him off until I felt the need to turn and start. I needed to have him inside of me right now. So I stopped and turned around and he looked at me and said I'm ready are you? So I answered with unmm he'll yeah daddy. Then Adym put on the condom and he entered me slowly. I needed him.

So then Adym went faster and faster. I couldn't hold it anymore I started to moan and then Adym grabbed my arm and he looked at me passionately and said

"Babe we need to do it!"

I knew what he meant he wanted to do doggy style. So I turned and he stood up and I bend over and he entered me again and he started to fuck me. I just couldn't believe that this was actually happening. So then I started to do some things that many people couldn't imagine. In my dreams these things happen in others it doesn't. So it will seem very weird to some at first but u will understand everything that I am talking about afterwards.

'In my dreams me and my husband or boyfriend always have doggy style sex. I love it but he always has to start first and I never do. So u enjoy it but I always meet someone else and then they fall in love with me on just that one quick second. But I still love my current boyfriend or husband because they are the ones that I feel for and they are the ones that love me for me and not just my look when they first saw me and asked me out on the first day.'

But anyways.............

Read the next chapter to find out the rest of our SEX SCENE!

IF YOU DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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