Grimace Mirage

One morning, a group of sixteen people receive a disturbing bracelet and a letter of instructions in the mail. They are told to kill each other and the last person standing will become God. 14 year old girl, Lily Tran is one of the participants, trying to stop this act of crime. Meanwhile, a ghost leaks in the darkness..


1. Commence

  Madelin's POV

  I yawned. ''Mom, is my breakfast ready?''

  ''Oh, you mean the usual?'', Mom said.

  I nodded. ''Well then, it'll be ready in a moment.'', Mom replied. After about 5 minutes of waiting, Mom gave me my breakfast and I walked outside to take fresh air. I saw a note taped to the mailbox. ''What the heck..'' ''Kill everyone in the game and if you're the last person you can become God?'', I grinned. ''But how am I supposed to know who I'm supposed to kill anyway? This must be a prank.'' I read more of the instructions written on the note. ''Check in the mailbox, there must be a bracelet in there. When you touch it, your ghost will lead you the way to a member of the game.'' Hm.. okay. I checked in the mailbox and I saw a bracelet covered with blood. Oh god jeez. I pressed the button on the bracelet. What does this do?

  Everyone from the game's POV

  ''My-my ghost!'' I screamed.

  Lily's POV

  I won't let this happen. Never!


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