Ollie Russell girl, who lives in a small town with her abusive parents as a bartender so she can earn money which her parents then make her buy liquor for. She is perfectly ordinary. Or so she thought, until she discovered a secret. Something she wasn't ever supposed to learn....


1. Prologue

'Ari, please,' the first woman begged chasing another down the empty streets. 'Tell me what's going on! No one saw you for months and now you're running, at least tell me what -who- you're running from! Please Ari! I'm your best friend - your sister-'

'I'm not running from someone or something. I'm running for someone.' The other woman said pulling her cloak tighter around her.

'Have you lost so much faith in me? Please, Ari, just.... talk to me!' The first woman stopped and spun around to look at her friend. Her friend stopped as well. The first woman pulled her cloak slightly aside. The second woman gasped and covered her month with her hands. 'Is that-?'

'Yes.' Said the first woman and continued a little slower now.

'But we're not supposed to-'

'Yes, thank you, I know that!' Snapped the first woman,

'Could I maybe just- could you just stop for a second?' The second woman asked. The first woman stopped again. 'Could I maybe just.... hold it? Just for a second?' The first woman carefully handed the bundle from under her cloak and carefully placed it in her friend's arms. 'Oh, oh,' the second woman whimpered, a smile spreading across her face, 'would you look at that?'

'Yes I know, it's quite lovely.' Said the first woman and took the bundle back and hid it under her cloak, 'but we must keep moving. We're in a hurry.' Said the other woman and proceeded quickly.

'Who-?' The first woman threw a look over her shoulder that said everything, 'ah,' her friend said understanding. 'What are you going to do with it?' She asked after a few minutes of following her.

'I'm going to take it somewhere safe. Somewhere it can't be hurt or used.' Said the first woman and stopped, to look at a stone building. 'Here we are,' the first woman said hesitantly. Resistant lay she put the bundle down in the steps and knocked firmly on the door three times. Once she heard the steps from inside she grabbed her friend and ran.

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