Ollie Russell girl, who lives in a small town with her abusive parents as a bartender so she can earn money which her parents then make her buy liquor for. She is perfectly ordinary. Or so she thought, until she discovered a secret. Something she wasn't ever supposed to learn....


3. Chapter 2

'Pardon me?' Cirara asked, jumped off the bed and walked out the room to a hallway. She walked down to the end where there was a set of doors that looked like the exit. 'What is this? Some kind of prank?' She asked pushing the doors open. Outside there was a crowd of teenagers fighting each other, with swords, bows and arrows, battle axes and all kinds of other medieval weapons. They were surrounded by a forest at one side and on the other was a big lake. At the edge of the woods there was a circle of small cottages. Halfway through the circle was a bigger cottage and on the other was another bigger one in which Cirara stood. In the middle of the cottage-circle there was an old bonfire. 'Not a prank, then, this would be much too much work for a prank. So what is this?'

'It's the truth.' Zaurus said, 'but I'm guessing since you didn't know you were a demigoddess you don't know who your parents are either...'

'Wait, you're saying Hattie and Jim Russell aren't my parents?' Cirara asked hopefully

'It's beyond unlikely.' Zaurus answered

'Oh, thank God! If being a demigoddess means I'm not related to those to wankers..... bring on the demigoddess! But, um, one thing still bothers me... if you don't know who my parents are, how can you know that I'm a demigoddess?'

'We don't. Or at least we didn't. Not for sure anyway. There was a rumour about another possible demigoddess so the Gods ordered me to take a look at you, and well, since a Grendel attacked you, it looks like you are.'

'A Grendel?' Cirara asked

'The thing that attacked you in the street, nice fight you put up by the way.'

'Thanks, so how did the Grendel-thing know I was a demigoddess? And why did that make you sure that I'm a demigoddess?'

'Well, Grendels only hunt Gods, Godesses, demigods, and demigoddesses, they know because they can smell it in your blood.'

'And I thought they were creepy before...' said Cirara

'Anyway, let me show you around,' he said these are the cottages and the main field which is where we eat in summer,' he gestured to the bonfire, 'that's where we eat in the winter,' he gestured to the other bigger cottage halfway throughly through the cottage circle. He led her through two cottages onto another field, where all the teenagers where fighting, 'this is the training field,' he said. Then he gestured to another two cottages lying at the edge of the training field, by the lake, 'that is the weapon and other equipment's cottage and that,' he pointed to the cottage next to it, 'is the cottage of Tyfra Warsurge. She trains us.'

'Why her?' Cirara asked

'You sure ask a lot of questions, because she is Tyfra Warsurge, Goddess of war. Who better to train us than the Goddess of war herself?'

'Fair point,'

'Also, don't make her mad, and in an argument, whatever you do , do not challenge her for a combat trial. She will squash you like a bug. Speaking of,' he spun left and pointed to a group, one girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and two boys one of them had dirty blonde hair and the other black, 'they will too, unless you're me or my mother.'

'Right, so your father is Rither Noblespire, God of Hunt. Thank god, I never have to attend one of your family reunions.' Zaurus laughed.

'Anyway, let's start your training,' he said and walked into the weapon's cottage.

'Training? I don't think-' Cirara tried but Zaurus pressed a heavy armour set into her hands. 'Uh-oh,' she said hopelessly

'Put that on,' Zaurus said and pointed at the armour. Cirara pulled the armour over her head, 'now, we'll start basic. Swords.' Said Zaurus pulled two swords off the rack and threw one of them over to Cirara.

'Whoa!' She said surprised but caught the sword and followed Zaurus out onto the battlefield. They were about to start when the door to the cottage of the war Goddess opened and a woman with the same chestnut hair as Zaurus stepped out.

She wore a red Athenian garment with a black ring around her waist. Her hair fell gently down her shoulders and onto her back. It was black as the night but the top of her head shone bright of the reflection from the sun. Her face was pointed and narrow, ignoring the sharpness, there was something sweet and gentle about it. Her eyes were dark blue and her mouth was dark red like her dress. Her eyes fell on Cirara and she narrowed them. Tyfra studied her for a few seconds then she turned to the teenagers that had all stopped fighting and were now looking expectantly on Tyfra. 'We're playing Capture the Flag. Get into your teams.' She called into the crowd and waited for everyone to get their helmets. There were two colours. One was green and the other blue. 'Now, we have a newcomer in our midst. Until we find out who her parents are her name is Cirara Russell. Come up here Cirara.' She said and gestured to Cirara to come up to her, 'she needs a team. Any volunteers?'

'She can play with us.' Zaurus said and stepped forward. He wore a green helmet. He turned around to everyone else. 'Does anyone have a spare helmet?' He asked, 'come on, hurry it up.'

He said as someone handed him a green helmet. Zaurus spun around and handed it to Cirara. 'I still don't think it's a good idea,' she said

'Well, princess, it's a good thing no one cares,' he said and put the helmet on her head.

'Let the games begin.' Said Tyfra.

Cirara ran through the trees. A feeling was inside her, one that she had never felt before. She felt energetic and happy at the same time. 'Find the flag!' Zaurus yelled next to her, 'I'll hold them off,' he pointed at four teenagers from blue team headed towards them. Cirara nodded and turned away from him running down a narrow path.

She stopped at the end of it where she reached a small river. She stood panting for a few seconds then she saw something blue at the bottom. She walked a little closer and could finally make out the shape of a flag. 'You didn't honestly, think it'd be that easy did you? Someone asked behind her.

Cirara spun around. The blonde girl from the training field stood in front of her, 'seriously?' She complained hopelessly. The girl striked unexpectedly out towards Cirara and slit her cheek. 'Ah,' Cirara groaned and held a hand to her cheek. She felt the warm liquid of blood dripping down her face, 'you cut me!' She exclaimed unbelievably. The girl flung her blade hardly against Cirara's arm. Cirara heard a crack in her arm and a soaring pain shot through her body, 'ah! Fuck!' She screamed angrily, and a smaller audience gathered to witness the fight.

'Who trained you? You're awful.' The girl said tauntingly.

'I wasn't.' Cirara replied and tried to take a swing at the girl but she avoided it easily and cut her elbow and then Cirara took a blow to the inside of her knee and fell onto one knees. The other girl hit her sword against Cirara's and it fell into the lake. As if that wasn't enough the other girl cut into her other knee. Cirara fell painfully onto the grass next to a tree. She heard her sword fwhen she fell a rock cut her hand.

Cirara's body ached and hurt like it was on fire. Screams of victory came from half of the crowd and the other girl held her arms up in the air, pleased. Cirara felt a tingling at her wrist. She looked down and saw a rot from the tree growing around her wrist. It tightened painfully and Cirara couldn't suppress a scream. Everyone fell silent and looked at her. Zaurus sat down next to her and put a gentle hand on her shoulder, 'It's going to be okay. We'll take you back to the MedBay and you can heal there.' He said comforting. But the pain of the root grew stronger. Cirara tried to get her hand out of the tight grip of the root but she couldn't then she felt another rush of pain through her broken arm and her skin tightened at the wounds. The the root almost pulled her up into a sitting position. She looked at her before bloody hand and there was nothing left except for a faint pink scar disappearing quickly. Everyone stared at her incredulously. She stood up and stared at the blonde girl, anger pulsing through her veins. She balled her hand into a gust and the straightened it out as the sound of sword against sword came from the ground, and then Cirara was holding something heavy in her hand. She looked down and saw that she was holding a sword. When she looked up again she saw one of the girls' friends from the field racing over to her. Cirara placed her feet firmly to the ground and as the boy reached her she blocked his attack in one swift movement, spun her sword and flung his out of his hand. The she hit him between his shoulder blades and he fell to the ground. Her other friend followed and Cirara used the same sword manoeuvre she had used before with the sword, sword grabbed his sword, held one of the behind his neck and the other at his throat. Then she pulled the swords away and kicked the inside of his knee so he fell. She spun the swords in her hands. 'Come at me,' she said to the blonde girl who then jumped at her to attack. Cirara ducked, went behind her, jumped, and crossed her legs around the girls neck pulling her to the ground. The she punched the girl and broke her arm. 'Don't ever even think about breaking my arm again,' she hissed at the girl, stood up and grabbed the blue flag from the river and held it up in victory. For a short moment everyone stared at her unbelievably then her team started cheering.

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