Halloween - The Spooky Tale

What an original title....


2. Chapter 1

October 30th ~ 7:56 AM

I was happy to see the date today - the day before halloween. I live in a small town called High Bush. There are only about 100 people, so yes, it is small. We all take halloween as an important matter, so I host the annual Halloween 

party at my house. Each year we have done the same decorations, food and dress-ups. But this year, things will be different. Spookier than ever. 

I rushed out of bed and slapped a pair of track pants and a jacket then slammed my bedroom door shut and went downstairs. Since my parents are out of town for the weekend, I would need to start preparation early because they normally help out. I wanted to have fresh decorations ready so I grabbed my fairly new bike out of the garage and cycled my way to the local party shop down the street. 

There was a light fog drifting along the road; thankfully there aren't that many cars on the road today. There weren't even any people on the road; maybe they were preparing for tomorrow as well. I parked by bike at the bike rack and quickly went inside the story as it was quite chilly outside. This party store is one of the best out there; they have everything from birthdays to halloween to even new year's preparation. I hopped over to the halloween section and grabbed all the things that caught my eye, including balloons, life size monsters, candles, false teeth, you name it!

All went well until I came to the cash register. I was waiting there for a good 10 minutes.
"I don't have all day, you know," I muttered under my breath. The door was open, so how come there's no one here? With my honesty, I put the cash sum with a note on the counter and took off with the items. "Odd that there is no one around," I thought to myself, then cycled home.


October 30th ~ 12:23 PM

After putting all the bought items in the dining area, I went upstairs to grab the streamers and tape, which I kept in my room. All went well until I saw my door wide open.

"I could swear I shut my do-," Before I could finish my sentence, I noticed my window half open as well. "I never use to open my window, maybe I just did it without noticing..." I was a little confused by shrugged it off, grabbed the streamers and tape and went back down. 


October 30th ~ 2:41 PM

It took me a good 2 hours to get everything in place. Surprisingly, I had done more than I had expected. All I have left now is to prepare the food! Since making the food is no easy task by yourself, I decided to call in one of my close friends. I grabbed my phone from my pocked, but as soon as I did, it started vibrating with an incoming call from an unknown number. I pressed the green button.

"Hello? Who is this speaking?" I asked.

No reply. Only soft breathing.

"Hello? May I know who is doing this prank?" I knew someone was up to something.

Still, no reply. The breathing stopped and the phone was hung up. Yep, probably one of those prank callers trying to scare people for Halloween. After I was 'distracted,' I put in my friend's number to call her. But the phone just kept ringing, and ringing and ringing. Maybe she's not home - Oh that's right, she told me the other day she was going to Hawaii. 


Well I better stop mucking around.


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