Dan kuso transforms

Dan get's hit by a ray designed by Naga to turn Drago Human, but what happens if the ray hits a human?


1. The transformation

In Vistroyia at Midnight....Naga has just finished creating a weapon that will turn the now human sized Drago to a full human, and hoped that that the power of the core would kill him. During his last attempt he succeeded by all Bakugan human sized. Now he wanted to kill Drago by turning him human, as the human body can't withstand the power of the cores.

The next day...

Naga showed up at Dan and Drago's training grounds, now human sized as well. Dan and Drago could defeat Naga together! The two charged and fought hard, Naga fired his weapon at Drago and Dan screamed


He pushed Drago out and took the blast for himself, he rolled backwards with red smoke coming off of his body. Drago was enraged and broke the weapon, sending Naga back to Vistroyia.

He ran towards Dan and shook him "DAN!"

Dan groaned as he opened his eyes and saw Drago standing over him, worriedly. "Dan...that blast was meant for me" Drago muttered

"I couldn't let you die now could..." Dan stopped there and his eyes widened.

"Dan?" Drago said

He clenched his head and screamed, Drago stepped back in horror. Dan screamed again and looked at his hands, they were red and scaly! Dan's nails started to grow into claws. He felt an intense pain slightly above this waist, something was growing.

Then in one painful moment something shot out and ripped Dan's jeans. Drago watched in both horror and amazement as Dan now had a full sized tail.

He continued to transform, his face started to morph and he felt it stretching out, like a snout. In a few intense moments...things were alright. Then a pain erupted from behind his back

"OH WHAT NOW!" Dan moaned. Then, something bone like shot out from Dan's back. He screamed in pain as they solidified into wings.

Dan screamed and he opened his mouth, fire was shot out into the sky and he fell to his knees. Drago was horrified!

Dan was once a human, now he was a Dragonoid like himself. Dan was sobbing from the pain of the transformation, Drago went closer and helped Dan up.

"What...did Naga do to me?!" Dan sobbed. Drago went closer and helped his friend up, he looked just like him for some weird reason


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