Rocket and Lylla (Don't leave me!)

Lylla and Rocket were only the sweet couple they were now because her parents weren't alive. SO Rocket and Wal-rus took it upon themselves to take care of her. One day she discovers that her parents are alive and well, but maybe that's not such a good thing as she may have 'Daddy issues' when it came to her relationship to her soul-mate


9. point of view

"Take this..." Lylla said as she handed her mother a blue pill. 

"What's this?" she asked

"I stored my memories in a video, just place it under your pillow at night and you'll see everything" Lylla said as her mother took it and went to her room. She was desperate to see those things so she did as she was instructed and at night she fell right asleep and the memories came flashing...


Memories start:  Lylla's mother was no longer in her room, instead, she was in a hallway at Lylla's school. She was crying by the looks of it and wondered why.

" mommy and daddy are no more miss?"

"I'm sorry dear..." replied the teacher

The scene changed and she was at a graveyard, Lylla was crying and crying when suddenly. 

"Hey Lylla..." said a voice from behind. Both otters turned and found a raccoon that looked familiar, "Rocket?! what are you doing here?"

Lylla's mother gasped in glee, this was it, the day they met. "I'm so sorry bout your folks, I mean, I lost my dad so I feel your pain...I know what it's like."

Lylla started crying "Really?" she sobbed. Rocket frowned and placed his arm over her shoulder "Yes, really. And from my experience you could use a friend"

"Are you seriously asking me out at a time like THIS?!" Lylla exclaimed angrily

"What?! NO! NO! nothing like that...I...It's just that, when my dad died and when I was sad. My brother was there for me and said that when people loose someone they care about, they'll need a friend to help guide them through the difficult times." Rocket responded

Lylla was taken back by this and regretted shouting, her ears fell and her eyes widened and her mouth was open a little. 

"Oh! My bad...I...I'm sorry, I shouldn't have judged" Lylla apologized

"Nonsense...It's my fault for making it sound the way it did"

"No i overreacted. And...I'll be more than happy for you to be my friend" Lylla said

Rocket nodded and helped her to her feet as the two new friends went back to get some shelter from the rain...


The scenes shifted and Lylla's mother was in the school again, except she was facing an opened locker door. When it closed she saw Lylla, only she was more older than last time, she looked at least 10 here.

"Hey Ly" said Rocket from behind

"Hey there Rocky" Lylla winked as she went to him and held his hand. The two then went to the lunch room where they got some perverted grins and stares. 

They ignored them and ate, when they finished the bell rung and they had to go to class. Rocket seemed flustered for some reason and he was blushing, "Wait,Ly" Rocket said 

"Yes Rocky, could you make it fast I have to go to-" Lylla was interrupted there as Rocket wrapped his arms around her in a hug.

"Awww! Their first hug, how adorable!" squeeled Lylla's mother

Lylla blushed wildly and whispered "Rocket...", she started to smile but then Rocket broke it and saw her shocked and somewhat embarrassed look.

"I...I'm so sorry_-_--__I'll never do that again I'm sorry" Rocket said sadly as he ran off. "no wait!" Lylla said as she tried to reach out to him but her reach failed her, she wanted to call out to him louder but her voice failed her. She felt a hollow feeling in her heart and a twisting feeling in her gut . For some reason she felt a tear stream down her cheek, she so desperately wanted to experience the feeling of being in Rocket's arms again.

But the tear was because of how sad Rocket's face looked. All because she didn't smile, she suddenly felt alone, she grips her heart as another tear streams down her cheek and onto the floor. 

She wipes them off and goes into class with a huge frown on her face, her eyes red from crying, though she can't figure out why. What was this feeling she had experienced. 

She went to class on time and consulted her friend about it when it ended. "Well looks like you have a case of the 'L' word"


"Love...that hollow feeling you felt was called heart break. It's when you're hurt deeply and emotionally, my advice? Show Rocket you care for him...return the hug and tell him that you enjoyed what he gave you. Because if not, and knowing Rocket, his heart will continue to break until it..."

"Until it what?" Lylla asks, worriedly.

"Until it drives him insane. Love does that to guys like Rocket"

"I wont let that happen!" Lylla exclaims.

"Then go get him tiger". Following her friends words, she found Rocket still sad. She starts to feel the hollow feeling again and starts to sob quietly.

Rocket notices and runs over "Hey! What wrong?!" he then pauses and says " It's what I did earlier isn't it?"

"No that's not true!" Lylla exclaims as she wraps her arms around Rocket in a loving and tight embrace. " what you did. Please, do it again"

Rocket smiles and hugs her back, Lylla snuggles against his chest and says "I...I hate seeing you sad, that's why i was crying. I felt that I had hurt you".


The scene changed and Lylla's mother was back in Lylla's room, except Lylla looked 14 and Rocket was there sleeping with him.

"Those two look adorable" she says. She sees Lylla open her eyes and say "OK Lylla Otter you can do this", Lylla props herself just above Rocket and leans in close. She hesitates but she closes her eyes and sinks her lips into Rocket's and starts to kiss. 

'Oh my! Her first kiss!" Lylla's mother exclaims as he clapses both hands near her heart. She see's Rocket's hands pull her closer in and Lylla feels Rocket kiss back and she blushes hard. They break it apart and Rocket smiles and stares into Lylla's eyes, "Hey babe" Rocket whispers

"Rocket! you're!" Lylla exclaims, but Rocket pulls her in and sinks his lips into hers. She was shocked but then she gave in, they make out for about an hour and then they stop.

"That was..." Lylla says but can't complete

"Magical" Rocket says completing her sentence.

"I love you" Lylla declares with all the love in her heart "I always have! Since the day we met! I Loved you and kept Loving you. You are my one and only Rocket and I will always love you!" she starts to cry with happiness. 

"I love you too baby, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!" Rocket declares as he pulls her in for another tender kiss. They separate and go back to sleep, with Lylla now snuggling against Rocket. Hugging him and not wanting to let go and wanting to keep him forever.

Memory ends


Lylla's mother wakes up and finds that she had been crying. This new revelation makes the death of Rocket even more tragic and sadder. 'That boy...was the only one for my daughter. He cared for her, LOVED HER, and now he's gone...why?! WHY?!" She thinks as she gulps. Rocket truly was her one and only...her Rocky...her lover.

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