Rocket and Lylla (Don't leave me!)

Lylla and Rocket were only the sweet couple they were now because her parents weren't alive. SO Rocket and Wal-rus took it upon themselves to take care of her. One day she discovers that her parents are alive and well, but maybe that's not such a good thing as she may have 'Daddy issues' when it came to her relationship to her soul-mate


7. Nightmares

 Lylla's eyes were still closed, but when she opened it. her surroundings changed. She was no longer in her house, instead, she was in a warehouse. It was on fire and falling apart, fear penetrated her mind and she found that she'd was crying alot. She looked down at Rocket and gasped, her lover was badly injured and was bleeding all over with a chest wound. Blood dripped from the corners of his mouth. He looks at her and smiles "Hey...babe" he stutters


"ROCKET! OH NO!" Lylla shouts as she cries and buries her head in his chest, a mistake as his blood was now on her face. 


Rocket bends forwards and kisses Lylla and she breaks it and says that she can get him to safety and that if that wasn't possible, then she'd gladly die with him.


Rocket chuckles lightly and says that she has to leave him and that she has a family to get back to. Lylla shouts 'NO!' and that Rocket was his family. Rocket then says that he was sorry for hurting her for a year by distancing himself from her, he says that she deserved better then him.


Lylla shouts 'NO!' again and tells him that's not true! And that he's the only one for her and no one else...and that he was she had to be content and happy with in the world. 


Rocket smiles and sheds a tears before becoming still. Lylla yells 'NO!' in the air loudly and cries, begging Rocket to return to her. But he wasn't, he was gone forever.

Dream ends


Lylla wakes up from her slumber with a sharp gasp and light sob. She looks to the other end of the bed...the end where Rocket would normally sleep and cuddle her. She takes the picture of him from the table next to him and brings it close to her heart before collapsing face first on the bed and crying her heart out. " love...come back to me please! I can't live like this, not without you! Please come back to me...please!!"


After an intense half and hour, Lylla stops crying and places the photo back and drifts off to sleep. Lylla was unaware that he mother had just heard all of what she's said when she was crying, She goes off to her room, opening the door slowly and sitting down beside her. She strokes the fur on her head and frowns as she sheds tears of her own, Rocket had been such a good, kind, generous and loving individual towards Lylla and was respectful to her and even Lylla's father. 


"I'm so sorry you had to go through this baby, he was perfect for you and deserved you. I'm sorry we had to come into your life again, your father really messed up. I'm going to miss you sweety, i really am. But maybe you could stay for a little longer? It's what Rocket would've wanted, he always puts your father and I before I know you're awake"


"If you say so" Lylla says


"Thank you baby" Says her mother as she exits the room. Leaving Lylla alone



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