Hood Twins

Carter Hood 18 years old
Calum hoods twin sister
brown hair eye brow piercing lip and 4 ear
crush on luke hemmings
Enemy is Brittey Wheeler *schools fart face*
best friend Ethan and Pieper


21. Heartache

Carter's POV

I went straight to my room, and I hoped to god nobody would come in. I sat there as anger pulsed through me. When the anger was gone, it just turned into depression. I mean I love him, and then he goes and does this. What was I going to do? I laid on my bed, and just curled into my covers trying not to think anymore. 
   The next morning when I opened my eyes, I felt like the night before had been just a bad dream. I knew it wasn't, I wanted it all to be a nightmare. I got up and locked my door. No one was coming in here today. I sat back down on the bed, and stared at the vanity. There was so many pictures up there. Some where of Luke, Ash, others were my brother and me. I stood up, and walked over to the vanity. My cheeks were still red and puffy. I couldn't look at the pictures anymore. I started tearing them off of the mirror, and throwing them away. There was knocking on my door.
  "Come on Carter you can't stay in there forever!" it was Cal. I just stayed silent. He banged again. "Carter, I need to talk to you!" I still ignored him. 
  "Come on man," it was Luke. "Just leave her alone." Cal stepped away. I watched the door, as Luke slipped a piece of paper into my room. It had some sort of writing on it. I picked it up, and crumbled it into a ball. Throwing it into the trash. 
  "Just go away," I yelled. 
  "And she speaks!" it was Emily. Oh god how I hated her. I sat back on the bed, without anymore voices at the door. My phone kept buzzing, with voice mails, phone calls, text messages, and they were all from the same two people. Calum and Luke. I ignored all of it. 
  A few hours later, I watched the door knob jiggle. The sounds of frustration came from the other side. That's when the door opened just a crack. I saw Calum's face, and he walked in. 
  "What the hell are you doing?" I yelled. 
  "I had to check on you," Calum told me. 
  "I need my privacy, you jerk!" I yelled at him. 
  "You've had privacy for a long time, Carter," Cal told me. "You need to at least talk to me, okay?"
  "I don't need to do anything," I said. 
  "Fine, act like that towards everyone," Cal looked at me. "But when no one wants to be around you, dont come crying to me!" I sighed, and he just rolled his eyes and walked out. I shut the door behind him, and felt worse than I had before. I lost my boyfriend, and now my brother.


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