Hood Twins

Carter Hood 18 years old
Calum hoods twin sister
brown hair eye brow piercing lip and 4 ear
crush on luke hemmings
Enemy is Brittey Wheeler *schools fart face*
best friend Ethan and Pieper


10. girlfriend???????????

before this chapter starts this is about the girl

emily Lynn Lewis

18 years old 3rd of July

Parents are Tracey and AJ

Race: Hispanic and American 

She was born in Chicago 

shes Bright bubbly outgoing 

Her parents divorced when she was 8 she lives with her dad and brother Kasey Lewis


Carter's POV

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARTER AND CALUM" The boys screamed throwing things at me and Calum

"Happy birthday babe" I herd someone say it wasnt luke it was a girl 

"Babe?" I opened my eyes to see a girl with hair kinda like mine she was pretty and she dressed like me

"Oh Carter this is Emily shes my girlfriend" Calum said sitting up and rubbing his eyes

''Oh well for now LET ME SLEEP" I said and put the blanket over my head

"Nope we going OUT TODAY" Luke said picked me up and placed me in my room

''now get dressed and put a swin suit on cause later we going to the beach'' He said and left

"UGH" I groaned then i realized NO SCHOOL YAYAYAYAYAY

i put a black bikini on then i put my normal clothes and went down stairs

" Good now lets go" Michael said


''So other then the beach what do ya guys wanna do" Michael asked looking up from his phone 

''Oh and do ya mind if i hae rachel come *his gal friend*

''sure and idk maybe go see a movie what do ya think cal" I said looking at him he was showing somin to Emily

"Yea id like to see doctor strange anyone else

We all nodded and finished our food

"Alright lets go see doctor strange'' i said once Rachel got here *shes whinny and bratty*

*After the moving*

"Alright we should go shopping" I said

''YEA'' emily shouted we all laughed and the boys agreed 

''And sence its Carters birthday ill buy her things because im an awesome boyfriend" Luke said putting his arm around my shoulder

''Luke i have money u dont have to"

''But i want to"



''Carter can we take a pic with u and Emily" They said

"Yea" I said wondering why they knew who she was but i didnt till today

"THANKS" One of them screamed and they ran off

"They forgot me" Rachel said

''sad'' i laughed and walked the rest of the way to the car 


We walked into the mall and screams every direction

*1 hour later*

Wow one hour of taking photos and signing things we finally got in some shopping

*3 hours later jk 2*

i got a few outfits *only gonna have 3 pics*

''Michael why didnt u pay for that i had to" Rachel said

''Because its not your birthday so im not gonna pay for it like nahbitch'' He said putting his hand up in a sassy kind of way

''pff what ever" She said

"What kind of cake do u want" Ashton asked

"chocolate chocolate and did we mention chocolate" Calum and I said at once

''But Michael i dont like chocolate'' Rachel said clinging to his arm

''Then by your own little cake" He said
He came up to me and whispered in my ear

"Im so done with her lets prank her then ill dump her and tell the others" He said i nodded and told them 

''Alright when were done were gonna do it" I said to them they all smirked but Rachel looked confused 

''OH watch a movie" she said

"OMG YAS" i said *any ideas for the next few chapters*



''CAK I WANT CAKE'' i screamed

''dont worry we got u"Luke said and dragged in calum

''Thats not what i meant" I said and walked into the kitchen 

*1 hour laer*

Well we ah kinda made a big mess as in we i mean me and calum we kind of threw cake at each other *ideas for chapters*

''Carter Calum Shower" Luke said pointing up stairs

''Yes sir" Me and Cal said with our heads down we ran up the stairs giggling 

*after long ass shower*

I finally got out of the shower and went down stairs

"CALUM LUKE MICHAEL ASHTON IN HERE NOW" I screamed they walked in

"Prank time" I said

So when she walks out the door from all the pranks that were gonna do on her a bucket of paint is gonna dump on her head but thats after all the other one. Im gonna ask her to get me somin out of the fridge and Cal Luke and Ash did somin so when she opens it eggs are gonna fly in her face. Michael being the bad pranker he is is gonna have a can of spray paint and silly string and "play" with them but ''accendentally'' spray her then im gonna poor purple blue and green hair dye in her hair then thats when Michael dumps her and she gets head full of paint.

''Hey um rachel can u get me a water out of the frige please" I asked she nodded and did it

"AHHH WHAT THE HELL"She screamed i tried hard not to laugh
''Why did eggs go in my face" She said coming out with a towel wimping her face

''i dont know" I said

Michael had the cans and started to "play '' with them

''AHHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK MICHAEL" Rachel got up and looked down at her clothes

''These were very expensive" she said and thats when i did mine

''Well now there colorful" I said and poured the dye in her hair
''AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" SHe screamed and looked at me


''nah im good" I said

''Michael youre just gonna let her talk to me like that" She said

''Well yea u arent my girlfriend so why should i care" He said
''Wait not your girlfriend yes i am'' She said*chapter ideas*

"not no more" He said

"UGH" She stomped to the door and thats when she got head full of PAINT *CHAPTER IDEAS PLEASE*












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