Hood Twins

Carter Hood 18 years old
Calum hoods twin sister
brown hair eye brow piercing lip and 4 ear
crush on luke hemmings
Enemy is Brittey Wheeler *schools fart face*
best friend Ethan and Pieper


22. Finally

I got up that morning. My eyes still tired, but I had to go to school. So I got up, and got ready. I grabbed my phone, and my earbuds. 

   When I got to school, everyone stared at me. Of course this would happen, I mean who wouldn't of heard that Luke cheated on me? I just kept walking till I spotted Layla. 
   "So how'd the date go?" I asked her. 
   "Awesome," Layla smiled, and then realized something. "You okay?"
   "Nope..." I said being honest. Ash walked up then. 
   "Hey," he said to Layla totally ignoring me. 
   "Sorry Carter," Layla said, and they went down the hallway. Of course. Now where's Peiper, I asked myself. I looked around the school, but no sign of Peiper. That's when I passed the girls bathroom, and I could hear her laughing. 
    "Peiper?" I asked walking into the bathroom. 
    "Oh hey," Peiper said to me. "You alright?" I rolled my eyes. 
    "Fine for now I guess," I looked at her. 
    "Okay, well tell me if you need anything," she said. 
    "I will," I smiled. 

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