Metli Middle school

started randomly writing with a friend


2. Just Jealous

Erza:Hi Kratos.

Kratos:Hi Erza.

*Kratos walks away with Cunju*

Kratos: What is your name?

*Erza walks up to the table*

Erza:What are you doing?

Kratos: Talking to...

Cunju: Cunju nice to meet you.

Kratos:Erza whats wrong?

Erza: NOTHING NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Erza walks off and throws three potions from potions class at Kratos and Cunju*

Kratos:*cough*What was that?

Cunju: Potions?

Intercom:Erza report to the principals office erza to the principals office.

*Erza goes to the office*

Principal Jennifer: I saw that.

Chris:*Whispering from the plant*What did you do?

Erza:It was for Kratos to keep him from Cunju.

Chris: Are you jealous?

*Erza runs out of the office with her hands on her ears screaming*


Kratos:Whats wrong?

Erza:I was going to ask you to the dance but I thought you were going to go with Cunju.

Kratos:*sighs* You really think I would go with Cunju?

Erza:Yeah shes like perfect.

Kratos:I'm working on a project with her I am going with you no matter what.

*Erza walks away*

Kratos:Erza wait up. I have to tell you something.


Kratos:My twin,well evil twin is coming to Metli.

Erza:When were you going to tell me?!?!?!?!?


*Erzaa runs off*

???:Hello, Erza  Did you miss me?

Erza:W-who's there?

???:Aaron. Do you remember?

Erza:N-no I don't.

Aaron:Here , this may help.

*Erza runs to Kratos*

Erza:Kratos is there any chance your twin is named Aaron?

Kratos:Yes. If you run into him, tell him nothing!

Erza:Okay.I already ran into him.

Kratos:What?He wasn't supposed to fly here until next week!

Erza:What?But I just saw him!

Kratos:W-well...He has a tendency to run off.

Aaron:Did you miss me Kratos?

Kratos:*suprized* Aaron?


Kratos:GO AWAY Aaron!!!!!!

Erza:Wait , what?

Kratos: Now!!

Aaron:Why would I listen to you?

*Aaron flies into the air and generates proton rings to throw at Kratos and Erza*

Kratos:Erza pull the rope now!!


*Erza pulls the rope*

Aaron:Wait! I need you to come to my world to fight the posessing evils that live and lurk in the shadows.

Kratos:We can’t fight!

Aaron:You proved yourselves wrong five minutes ago.I have gained control long enough. I don’t think I can keep it much longer.

Kratos:Okay we will help you however we are only eighth graders.

Aaron: I will open the portal.

*Portal opens on the fountain*

*Kratos and Erza go through the portal*




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