Hard to let go

when all you want is to be happy, and loved. Would you fight for what you want or just let it all go? Follow the story of Jasper and Eric as they try to find a love greater than their own.


2. Together????

The closer we get to the end of the of the hall the bigger the butterflies get. Once we reach his car and drive away I turn to him smile and go thru the window in the back of his truck. Looking at the sky I smile and let the wind fly across my face, I hope this works because if it does We. Will. Be. Infamous. Looking at Eric I could tell we would be a part of something new. Until it happened, I mean he only turned for a second. 
    “Eric watch out!” I screamed and watched as it all turned into slow motion he tried, he really did but he wasn’t fast enough. Soon he had his hands off the wheel realizing he could do nothing we were hydroplaning.We had become airborne as we hit the hill that lead to his house behind the local A&F store. A scream ripped through my lips as he began to turn around unbuckling his seat belt in the process. 
    “Eric don-” he had cut me off before I could finish. 
    “Jasper get down.” Eric tried to yell but it was to late we had crash into something. As we crashed into the object that had stopped us the glass broke and the roof had begun to cave inward. I  flew forward not going past the seats but right into them, suddenly feeling a sharp pain in my arm and leg, but not only there in my eyes to. What had happened I don’t know I must have blacked out from the pain because the next thing I know I’m hearing voices. A really soft voice one that reminded me much of my mother, how soothing it was and how it always made me feel safe. It made me feel like no matter what everything would be okay.   


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