Hard to let go

when all you want is to be happy, and loved. Would you fight for what you want or just let it all go? Follow the story of Jasper and Eric as they try to find a love greater than their own.


1. He wants me.....

 “Umm.” Jasper said in a confusion. Looking down at the page the teacher had put in front of him. What is this lady’s problem 500 words about how I feel. She is completely mental. 
“Mmmmmm.”  Mrs.Westshire said as she looked Jasper up and down. As she turned and walked away all you could hear was the annoying sound of her size 8 1/2, 4 inch, lipstick red stiletto heel clack. 
“Urrrr.” Jasper said as he heard the sound of the detention room door close. Great now I’m stuck in a room filled to the brim with jock’s and soon to be drop outs or what the jock’s call them (you know because I’m sure that’s what people call you I know that’s what they call me) rejects. “Uh-huh.” Jasper  heard come from the far off corner. What the- wait isn’t that the guy from my english class. Ummm James, no Jacob, no oh just forget it. I looked back at the guy and saw that he had gotten up and come over to the table I was sitting at. Not wanting to feel awkward I move my stuff and stop staring at him, I must have been day dreaming or something because I heard a smack on the table looking down I saw his name and number it read Eric Knight 
Call me maybe we can get together some time. 608-952-4465. I blushed and looked down, is he gay am I...
“Urr umm.” I said looking at him, his blue eyes,long jet black hair, oh my this is going to be a long detention.Ignoring him seemed to be impossible because he kept shoving a note at me, finally I gave in and read it. 
what do you want? 
To talk little mrs. priss
About what?
you and me. We should get together?
. . .
I feel like I can really be myself with you
I- I maybe ask me again after detention. 
Come home with me?
To talk?
Yes I want to know you 
okay do you drive?
Okay meet me out front. now I need to get this essay done.
I nodded and put it in my backpack. looking at the half a paragraph on my page. I looked at Eric, he gave me his 20 million dollar smile and a wink, I blushed bright red and looked down. I knew then how I felt, I wrote and wrote time must have flown by because finally detention was over. Looking at the four pages I wrote I looked at Eric and smiled. I think I could develope feelings for him. I think I could finally believe in something, in someone and they would believe in me. No one’s ever made me feel this way I like it. The teacher decided to enter as four of the six of us filed out. I handed the teacher my paper with a smirk and put everything in my bag. Looking to Eric I held out my hand and together we got our stuff we left together smiling and holding hands. I turned around looking back at the table we were sitting at and smirked. 


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